Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blogging from Karlsruhe

I know that it is a peculiar habit, but since I have the laptop I always make small blog entries when I use it abroad, stating what kind of connection I had, and what it cost. The hope is to map a slow trend towards having free WiFi hotspots everywhere. Well, the hotel I'm in here in Karlsruhe has WiFi all over the place, but unfortunately it isn't free. Access costs 12.50 Euro for 24 hours, which is still reasonable, but of course expensive if compared to what a month of ADSL costs.

So I do think that we will arrive in the not too far away future to have WiFi (or WiMax) everywhere, but my hope that it will be free isn't yet sure to come true. Maybe if better forms of micropayment evolve, we can at least hope for WiFi access everywhere at reasonable prices.

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