Sunday, June 10, 2007

LotRO Journal - 11-June-2007

Besides playing golf, as mentioned in the previous post, I spent some hours in Lord of the Rings Online this weekend. My guardian reached level 23, questing in the Lone Lands. I finished most quests from the Forsaken Inn, but then found a lot more quests in Ost Guruth. And I was busy collecting rich iron ore. After about 300 of those I reached proficiency in expert metalsmith, which has to be unlocked with the next crafting quest. But it turned out that this quest was easy, just talking to a dwarf, and even the second quest he gives you to open up access to the superior forges was easy enough to do at level 23 without fighting.

The only problem is that I still need another 600+ rich iron to reach mastery in expert metalsmith. Without mastery I can't make the "purple" critical success armor for level 24, which is much better than the regular one. In fact the regular level 24 armor isn't better than my mastery level 21 one. Reaching mastery gets harder from level to level, because making an item always gives 6 to 10 points, but you need more and more points from level to level. I shudder to think how much mining is needed to reach grandmaster metalsmith.

I still like Lord of the Rings Online, but I'm not quite that enthusiastic any more. The Shire was definitely the best zone, and the Lone Lands don't grip me that much. There is a curious internal feedback thing going on in my head, where the fact that I have a lifetime subscription makes me think that I have all the time in the world and I'm not in a hurry to reach my goals, so I play less. The big advantage of that is that this gives me time for other games, like HOMM5 or Shot Online. That might be not such a bad thing. There was something of an unhealthy obsession about exclusively playing World of Warcraft for so long. Switching frequently between several games of different genres seems more natural to me.

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