Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anonymous commenting back on

I hope the trolls have gone, and regular readers were complaining about not being able to comment any more without having some Google or OpenID account. So I turned commenting back to "Anyone - includes Anonymous Users", as it was before the fake ID troll attack. I do get e-mail alerts on any comment, and I will wield a heavy ban stick on any troll rearing his head, especially anonymous ones or those pretending to be other people.

If you want to comment here and become part of the community, I really recommend thinking of a pen name for yourself and using the "Name/URL" option with that name (URL is optional) instead of posting under anonymous. Not only are anonymous posters easy to confuse with trolls, there is also no way to tell them apart. Do you really want to post some intelligent comment, just to have it followed up by something moronic from another guy who also calls himself "anonymous"?

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