Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feeling heroic?

Zoso of Killed in a Smiling Accident remarks that MMORPGs have a general problem with there being too many heroes, and too little regular population. Quote: "the 2006 Azerothian census broke down employment in the region as: 0.4% - Farming (livestock & dairy); 0.5% - Farming (arable); 0.8% - Innkeepers; 1.4% - Retail; 97.9% - The Chosen One Who Will Rid This World Of Evil". He also thinks that "suspension of disbelief is particularly difficult in a superhero game", which in combination with his post title made me think about the quote from The Incredibles, that if everyone is special, nobody is.

Non-heroic activities, like crafting, are nearly universally less popular than the more heroic adventuring. But somehow man's natural preference for stable and safe employment breaks through, and most people, most of the time, try to minimize risk and maximize reward while adventuring. Which, ironically, obviously isn't all that heroic. Instead of heroically helping the weak, we rather help the NPCs who offer a bigger reward.

So I'm wondering if anyone really feels heroic while playing an MMORPG, or if that suspension of disbelief never happens. What do you think?

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