Saturday, November 28, 2009

Are you a pilgrim?

So the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday event in World of Warcraft is over, and yet again I only did half of the achievements which would have resulted in completing the big holiday event achievement, and get the "Pilgrim" title and turkey pet. After over a year of holiday achievements, I still haven't "achieved" a single of those titles. I'm simply not interested enough in them, not even with the promise of a super-fast epic flying mount after doing a whole year's worth of them.

It is not that I don't participate in holiday events. I do. I have a look at all the possible activities, do the quests, do the things that appear to be fun, try things out, and inevitably get a couple of the achievements without really pursueing them. But when I look at what would be needed to get the holiday title, their are always some activities involved which I don't really feel like doing. Usually I don't do the PvP parts, and anything which is just grindy with no effect except for the achievement.

So how about you? Did you get the pilgrim title in this holiday event? Do you regularly go hunting for those holiday event titles? Do you already have a violet proto-drake mount from all those achievements?

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