Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welfare cooking skill

Pretty regularly Blizzard nerfs some challenge in World of Warcraft and makes something which was previously hard to get a lot easier. That usually makes the people who couldn't do the hard achievement happy, but those who already did it on hard mode unhappy. And I must admit I'm not quite happy with the way Blizzard nerfed acquiring cooking skill in the current Pilgrim's Bounty holiday event.

Basically there is a "quest line" for the holiday event which requires you to cook various Thanksgiving types of food in various cities. And the recipes are of increasing difficulty and stay orange/yellow for a wider than usual skill range. So if you start out with zero cooking skill and just follow the quest line, making 60 food of each type plus spice bread, you'll end up with 350 cooking skill, at which point you can make a Bountyful Feast which is better than the currently best food, Fish Feast.

I used this quest line to get my paladin up to 350 cooking from zero, and it was extremely cheap, and took very little time. Well, except for the part where I absolutely wanted to have the Turkinator achievement for killing 40 turkeys with less than 30 seconds between each two turkeys killed, which is a very annoying achievement, as it fails every time you cross path with another player. I recommend Ridgepoint Tower in Elwynn Forest, as by the time you make the tour around, the first turkeys have respawned. The achievement gets slightly easier if you first do all the Pilgrim's Bounty quests, leading to you receiving the Turkey Caller.

But compared to previous methods of leveling cooking to 350, which either involved lots of farming meat, or fishing, or spending a fortune on the AH, the Pilgrim's Bounty event is giving cooking skill away far too easily. Where is the fun in leveling a tradeskill when you can level it for a handful of silver in an hour? Even if the event, and the food, only lasts for a week, the cooking skill lasts forever.

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