Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alternative leveling methods

I have 4 level 80 characters in World of Warcraft, and I deliberately played them in a way to experience the maximum amount of content, e.g. making the 4th one Alliance to play through Alliance-only quests. While I don't have the achievements to prove it (achievements are character-specific, not account-specific), I'm pretty certain I did 99+% of the quests in World of Warcraft. So for my 5th character to level I experimented with alternative leveling methods, which would not be based on questing.

As you might remember, I leveled my druid to 60 using the Recruit-A-Friend feature, and dual-boxing. That still involved some questing, but significantly less, due to triple xp. But I can't really recommend that method, as it is relatively expensive and complicated to set up, and is limited to leveling to 60. From level 60 onwards, and now up to level 75, I used another way of leveling, nearly quest-free: The Dungeon Finder. Profiting from the eternal tank & healer shortage, I dual-spec'd restoration and balance, as these two specs use pretty much the same gear, and usually went dungeoneering as healer. I also tried doing dungeons as moonkin, but that was only viable in parallel with grinding library guardians to get the schematic for Jeeves, because waiting times for dps are far longer in the dungeon finder.

One of several reasons I wanted another high-level character for was tradeskills. My druid has enchanting and engineering, both of which I didn't have to the highest level on other characters. So making level 75 is a milestone, because it will allow me to still max these out in Cataclysm, 75 being the minimum level for reaching the Cataclysm skill cap. Engineering is more for fun than for being useful, especially since there is very little you can do for other characters, but having an enchanter able to make scrolls is obviously good for my other level 80s as well.

The only quests I did from level 60 to 75 were a handful of easily accessible dungeon quests. The biggest disadvantage of that method is that one is missing out on all the lore, but as I already played through all that lore with other characters, that wasn't really a problem for me. Leveling speed through dungeoneering was at least as fast as through questing, if not faster, as long as I used the rest xp bonus, which applies to dungeon mob kills, but not quest xp. I missed out on all quest items, but that only emphasized the fact that quest rewards for regular solo quests in World of Warcraft are generally useless and far inferior to dungeon loot. In Outlands I got some reputation from running dungeons, but not enough to net me any useful reputation rewards. In Northrend I didn't even get to friendly with any faction through dungeoneering, and ended up spending a few justice points for commendation badges to be able to get to friendly for the tabard which will allow me to gather more reputation in higher level dungeons and heroics. But that isn't strictly necessary, the reputation rewards are far worse than what you can buy for justice points, and the head / shoulder enchants are bind to account nowadays, so I can get them via other characters.

So while waiting for Cataclysm I'll probably still level that druid to 80 with the same dungeoneering method. That is not something I would do with a first or second character playing through an expansion, as I actually like playing through the quests and lore. But playing through the same quests repeatedly is tedious, so for a 5th character the Dungeon Finder provides a good alternative leveling method.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One-way street

Have you heard of the Free2Play game that was so successful that after a year they changed to a monthly subscription business model? No? Me neither! While the reverse story, games starting out with monthly subscriptions and changing to Free2Play is becoming increasingly common, that move appears to be a one-way street.

There is a general perception that the "successful" games can get away with a monthly subscription payment plan, while those games that fail to make it into the top tier are forced to switch to Free2Play. Nobody expects World of Warcraft to go Free2Play, or SWTOR to be released as Free2Play game from the start.

But if the business model was only a question of how successful a game is, then how come that the more successful Free2Play games never change to a monthly subscription model? What does that tell us that a switch appears to be possible only in one direction, but not the other? Just two years ago, any mention of microtransactions or Free2Play evoked a big howl in the comment section of this blog, about how that would be the end of MMORPGs. Today the move towards Free2Play appears nearly inevitable. What changed?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Try it, you'll like it!

The reviews for Final Fantasy XIV are rolling in, a month after release because Square Enix had asked reviewers to wait "three to four weeks post launch" before reviewing the game in order "to give the online game time to mature." Apparently maturing didn't help much, and Metacritic records an average score of an abysmal 50 out of 100, with the user reviews being even worse. I especially liked the Gamespy review saying:
I can't help but feel that FFXIV is cosmic punishment, meted out by some avenging massively multiplayer online deity for my years of complaining about the state of modern online RPGs. They're too simple, I've whined; too hand-holdy, too easy, too friendly, and too safe. FFXIV is none of these things. It is the definition of obtuse: poorly designed, aggressively underexplained, and shoddy in almost every respect that matters.
But then of course *some* people love Final Fantasy XIV, and are complaining that these bad reviews are unfair. That is a recurring event in the discussion of game reviews, and especially game review scores. It is somewhat inevitable: How do you boil a complex interaction between thousands or even millions of players and a game down to a single number? What exactly does a review score express?

The one thing a review score never is, is "fair". If you look at sites where players can score a game, you will quickly see signs of manipulation. A natural distribution of scores would be a Gaussian bell curve, but in reality you often see extreme scores of 0 or 100 put in to manipulate the average. Most famously the review scores on Amazon get manipulated all the time, for example by groups of people giving the lowest possible score to a game because of it's copy right protection scheme. Review scores of professional reviewers often are designed to avoid extreme scores, but because the reviewed games come from the companies that pay for advertising in these professional publications, the average is skewed towards a higher value. A score of 75 is an average game, a score of 50 is abysmally low, and lower scores are only given out to low budget games.

Even taking all of this into account, a review score can never measure how much the fans of a game will love it. Or how much other people might hate the game. The best a review score can come close to doing is to give an idea of the probability that an average player will like a certain game. If you had to recommend a game to somebody about whose gaming preferences you know absolutely nothing, a game with a high review score gives you a better chance that a recommendation of "Try it, you'll like it!" will be okay.

And by that measure, I think the reviews of Final Fantasy XIV are fair enough. Even the fans agree that FFXIV isn't for everybody, and that a random player stumbling upon the game has a high probability of being disappointed. That doesn't mean that some people can't love the game dearly. Nor does it mean that Final Fantasy XIV doesn't have good features. Even the bad reviews praised the artwork, the crafting system, and the profession switch system. But the reviewers are right to state that if an average player tried the game, he probably wouldn't like it. And that is the best a review score can do.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Unlockables

Bonus Karakter
Amuro RayBerhasil menyelesaikan cerita Amuro dalam Story mode
Cecily FairchildBerhasil menyelesaikan Seabook Arno's mode Story
Char AznableChar berhasil menyelesaikan cerita dalam Story mode
Dozle ZabiMenerima undangan untuk bergabung dengan Zeon, dan berhasil menyelesaikan misi yang ditugaskan.
Empat MurasameBerhasil menyelesaikan misi Kamille Bidan's Story mode untuk membuka misi persahabatan Four. Kemudian, menyelesaikan misi itu.
Glemy TotoBantuan Glemy mendirikan fraksi sendiri sementara bergabung dengan Axis untuk membuka misi lain. Kemudian, menyelesaikan misi itu.
Gym GhingnhamGabung Dianna Counter, dan memiliki hubungan yang normal atau lebih baik dengan Gym untuk membuka misi lain. Kemudian, menyelesaikan misi itu.
Gyunei GussBermain sebagai Quess Paraya, dan membuka misi persahabatan Gyunei's. Kemudian, menyelesaikan misi itu.
Hayato KobayashiMemiliki hubungan yang baik dengan Hayato, dan berhasil menyelesaikan misi persahabatan.
Judau AshtaBerhasil menyelesaikan Judau alur cerita dalam Story mode
Kai ShidenMemiliki hubungan yang baik dengan Kai, dan berhasil menyelesaikan misi persahabatan.
Kamille BidanBerhasil menyelesaikan cerita Kamille di mode Story.
Katejina LoosMemiliki hubungan yang baik dengan Katejina, dan berhasil menyelesaikan misi persahabatannya setelah mendapat izin Gundam V2.
Lacus ClyneBerhasil menyelesaikan Kira Yamato dan misi Story mode Athrun Zala untuk membuka misi dari Lacus di terminal Kira. Lalu, selesaikan misi yang
Lunamaria HawkeBerhasil menyelesaikan misi Shinn Asuka Story mode untuk membuka misi dari Lunamaria. Lalu, selesaikan misi bahwa setelah mendapatkan Zaku II CA lic
M'QuveBerhasil menyelesaikan misi dari Kycillia saat bergabung dengan Zeon.
Quess ParayaBermain sebagai non-Newtype. Meningkatkan hubungan Anda dengan Quess sampai Anda mendapatkan email dari dia, kemudian membuat karakter seorang Newtype.
Ramba RalMemiliki hubungan yang baik dengan Ramba Ral sampai Anda menerima email dari Dozle saat bergabung dengan Zeon. Lalu, selesaikan misi yang
Reccoa LondeBermain sebagai Yazan Gable, dan menembak jatuh Reccoa
Rosamia BadamMemiliki hubungan terbaik dengan Kamille setelah bergabung AEUG untuk membuka misi lain. Lalu, selesaikan misi yang
Sarah ZabiarovMemiliki hubungan yang baik dengan Sarah dan Scirocco dan hubungan buruk dengan Reccoa untuk membuka misi dari Sarah. Kemudian, menyelesaikan misi itu.
Hukum SleggarBermain sebagai karakter wanita, dan memiliki hubungan yang baik dengan Sleggar untuk membuka misi persahabatan. Kemudian, menyelesaikan misi itu.
Yazan GableMemiliki hubungan yang baik dengan Yazan setelah bergabung Titans untuk membuka misi uji. Lalu, selesaikan misi yang

Submitted By: Nomsky
Aktifkan MS Izin untuk Mode Misi
Char's Z'Gok - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Char dan lengkap kedua License Mission (2)
Char's Zaku - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Char dan comeplete pertamanya License Mission (1)
Destiny Gundam - Beat Misi Shinn's Story dan memiliki hubungan yang baik dengan dia lalu selesaikan License Mission
Allah Gundam - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Domon dan lengkap License Mission
Gundam - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Amuro dan lengkap baik Lisensi nya Mission (1 dan 2)
Gundam Epyon - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Milliardo dan lengkap License Mission
Gundam F91 - Beat Misi Seabook's Story dan memiliki hubungan yang baik dengan dia lalu selesaikan License Mission
Gundam MK-II AUEG dan Titans - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Kamille dan memukul-Nya Mission Lisensi (1 dan 2)
Wing Gundam Zero - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Heero dan lengkap License Mission
Hyaku Shiki - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Char lalu selesaikan Mission License (1 dan 2)
Infinite Justice Gundam - Beat cerita misinya dan memiliki hubungan yang baik lalu selesaikan License Mission
Master Gundam - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan TouhouFuhai lalu selesaikan License Mission (Harus mendapatkan izin Allah Gundam's)
Musha Gundam - Beat 5000 pasukan lalu selesaikan corrosponding Gratis Misi kemudian memukul Gratis Missions 1 sampai 6 di bagian bawah (masing-masing membuka melalui memiliki anggota ke-
Musha Gundam MK-II - Beat 50 misi kemudian menyelesaikan misi Gratis corrosponding kemudian memukul misi Gratis 7 di bagian bawah lalu selesaikan License Mission
Nu Gundam - Apakah mendapatkan semua Izin UC dan memiliki hubungan yang sangat baik dengan Amuro lalu selesaikan License Mission
Quebeley (Haman) - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Haman lalu selesaikan dia License Mission
Quebeley (Puru / Puru Dua) - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan kedua Puru dan Puru Dua dan menyelesaikan mereka License Mission
Sazabi - Apakah Char's Zaku, Char's Z'Gok dan lisensi Hyaku Shiki dan memiliki hubungan sangat baik dengan Char lalu selesaikan misi lisensi (1 dan 2)
Strike Freedom Gundam - Beat Kira Misi Story dan memiliki hubungan yang baik dengan dia lalu selesaikan License Mission
O - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Scirocco lalu selesaikan License Mission
Turn A Gundam - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Loran lalu selesaikan License Mission
V2 Gundam - Beat Misi Usso's Story dan memiliki hubungan yang baik dengan dia lalu selesaikan License Mission
Z Gundam - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Kamille lalu selesaikan Mission License (1 dan 2)
Gundam ZZ - Memiliki hubungan baik dengan Judau dan Roux lalu selesaikan mereka Missions License (1 dan 2)

Submitted By: Nick Chesterly

-( Baca Juga : Cheats Tekken Tournament )

Cheats Tekken Tournament

Mendapatkan  Karakter
Selesaikan game dengan menggunakan karakter. Untuk masing-masing karakter yang Anda gunakan untuk menyelesaikan permainan Anda akan mendapatkan karakter berikut: (Baca Juga : Cheat Tekken 4 )
  • Kunimitsu
  • Bruce Irvin
  • Jack-2
  • Lee Chaolan
  • Wang Jinrey
  • Roger & Alex
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Kuma & Panda
  • Raksasa
  • True Ogre
  • Prototipe Jack
  • Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil dan Angel Untuk mendapatkan Angle, sorot Iblis dan mulai tekan.
Unknown `

Cool Tim Sampai Urutan
Berikut adalah beberapa urutan keren untuk melakukan hanya untuk bersenang-senang. Anda harus menekan tombol tertentu untuk kostum yang.
Lee (o) dan Heihachi (o)
Lee (persegi) dan Heihachi (persegi)
Ling (start) dan Panda (xoro)
Paul (segitiga) dan Kuma (segitiga)
Jin (segitiga) dan Kazuua (x, segitiga)
Jin (segitiga) dan Heihachi (segitiga)
Jin (x) dan Heihachi (x)
Lei (x) dan Bruce (x)
Michiell (x) dan Granryu (segitiga)
Kazzua (tombol ada) dan Heihachi (tombol ada)
Baek (x) dan Hwarong (x)
Baek (segitiga) dan Hwarong (segitiga)
Eddy (persegi) dan Kazuua (segitiga)
Nina (x) dan Anna (segitiga)
Yostimitsu (segitiga) dan Heihachi (segitiga)
Bryan (persegi) dan Yositimitsu (segitiga)
Raja (segitiga) dan Armor King (segitiga)
Eddy (segitiga) dan Hwarong (segitiga)
Jin (x) dan Hwarong (x)

Submitted By: Raja Tekken

Dapatkan mode Praktek
Pergi ke menu utama dan sorot Praktek Mode lalu tahan L2 dan R2 tekan (1 sampai 20 kali) untuk mendapatkan tahap 1-20. yaitu. menekan R2 5 kali masuk ke tahap latihan 5.

Jadilah Tetsujin Emas
Selesai 10 versus mode pertandingan

Be Angel
Pergi layar karakter pilih dan sorot Devil kemudian tekan Start

Jadilah Heihachi
Lengkap mode Arcade dalam waktu kurang dari 5 menit 30 detik tanpa kehilangan

Dapatkan Mode Galeri
Unlock Devil

Dapatkan Mode Teater
Lengkap arcade mode

Pakaian yang berbeda untuk semua chars
Setelah Anda membuka Theater-mode (lihat di atas) dan modus arcade lengkap dengan char, Anda dapat dengan mudah melihat bagaimana untuk mendapatkan pakaian yang berbeda untuk itu char. Pergi ke layar teater. Dengan karakter yang paling Anda bisa memilih film dengan tombol yang berbeda untuk melihat mereka dalam pakaian yang berbeda. Pada tampilan pemutar pilih Anda dapat menekan tombol yang sama untuk bermain dalam pakaian itu. Anda tidak harus melengkapi modus arcade untuk memilih pakaian yang paling, jadi cobalah tombol yang berbeda pada player pilih untuk menemukan pakaian yang berbeda
Submitted By: Jens Klavsen

Dapatkan Jukebox Mode Tekken Bowl
Dapatkan 200 Poin

Apakah Charger Super
Selama bermain tekan tombol SEMUA

New Outfit untuk King Armor
Setelah menyelesaikan permainan menggunakan Armor King pergi ke karakter pilih menyorot dia dan tekan Start

Otomatis lebih rendah menangkis
Sementara pertempuran dengan karakter, tekan Down / Teruskan untuk melakukan pesta yang lebih rendah.

Submitted By: Brent

Ling FMV urutan
Berhasil arcade mode lengkap dengan Ling, maka lengkap lagi dalam kostum sekolahnya untuk menampilkan dua urutan yang berbeda FMV menampilkan Ling.

Submitted By: Brent

Dapatkan Mode Tekken Bowl
Aktifkan Ogre untuk mengakses mode Tekken Bowl.

Submitted By: Brent

Ada Buang Kombinasi yang dapat Anda akses melalui memilih kanan adalah orang-orang saya dapat memiliki Tim Khusus dalam urutan apapun, Anda hanya harus memiliki hak untuk melakukan lemparan.

Jin / Juni
pertama Jin: Kepala Batu
pertama Juni: Cherry Blossom

Gun Jack/Jack-2
Gun Jack pertama: Triangle + Circle
Jack-2 pertama: Traingle + Circle

Hwoarang / Baek
pertama Hwoarang: Human Cannonball
pertama Baek: Human Cannonball
King dan Armor King
Untuk Raja, push] kembali + [+ segitiga lalu tekan tag
Untuk Armor King, tekan ke bawah, terus back-kiri + segitiga + 0 maka tag

Submitted By: Billy & Melchesedech Capanang

Tim Double Moves
Jin + Xiayou Ling
Membuat Xiayou melakukan "Jadi Sepatu Me" dan palu tag selama itu untuk membuat Jin melakukan Kepala Batu

Ling Xiayou + Panda

Membuat Xiayou melakukan "Jadi Sepatu Me" dan palu tag selama itu untuk membuat Panda melakukan Bearhug

Gun Jack + Fury Bryan

Membuat Gun Jack melakukan pukulan Megaton, kemudian tag dan tekan maju, maju segitiga untuk melakukan hal yang menghancurkan perut melempar

Kazuya Mishima + Jin Kazama

Membuat Kazuya melakukan Kick Axe kemudian tekan tag dan Jin akan berjalan dan melakukannya tendangan lain kapak.

Devil + Kazuya

Pintu Surga
Ini adalah langkah tim ganda tetapi Anda tidak perlu menekan tag. Hal ini dalam daftar bergerak Devil's.

P. Jack + Jack Gun

Double Foot Stomp
Tekan X + Circle dan palu tag sementara Jack berada di udara. Yang lain akan berjalan dan melakukannya lagi menginjak-injak kaki. JIKA DIBUAT KANAN.
Paul & Hukum
Hukum: depan + segitiga, persegi, tag
Paul: segitiga, segitiga, tag
Hukum: setelah ia flips push persegi

Hukum & lainnya
Hukum: depan + segitiga, persegi, tag
1. King, Armor King atau Roger / Alex
2. Gunjack atau Jack P.
3. Lee, Lei, Bryan, Jin atau Hwoarang

Nina & Anna
menekan, maju / turun, maju, persegi + segitiga kemudian tag

Submitted By: Richmond Matt & Melchesedech Capanang

Kostum Baru Hukum
Untuk mendapatkan kostum baru untuk Undang-undang, cukup mengalahkan permainan dengan dia sekali. Kemudian, bila Anda memilih dia lagi setelah mengalahkan permainan dengan dia tekan start. Dia akan memiliki sprt macan tutul-kulit satu setelan artikel tentang. Perhatikan bahwa sebelum Anda mengalahkan permainan dengan dia, ini tidak akan bekerja
Submitted By: Jokercass

New Costumes untuk beberapa Karakter
Untuk mendapatkan kostum baru untuk beberapa karakter, pertama kita ke menu selct pemain. Kemudian, memilih mulai pemain dan tekan. Jika pemain yang sudah memiliki "mulai" kostum, maka mereka akan muncul. Jika Anda memilih seorang pemain dan mereka tidak datang, yang harus Anda lakukan adalah mengalahkan permainan dengan pemain itu dan kemudian ketika Anda mencoba memulai lagi itu akan bekerja.

Submitted By: Jokercass

Gramopon otomat
Reach 200pts, atau lebih, untuk membuka jukebox untuk memilih musik yang besar dari permainan.

Submitted By: Barker Robbie

Bowl Mode
Untuk mendapatkan Mode Bowl, Anda harus melepaskan 10 karakter bersembunyi-den. Seperti yang Anda bisa menebak, Anda harus bermain dengan cara fashion lama. Setiap karakter memiliki karakteristik yang berbeda. Satu berjalan lebih lambat dan yang lainnya berjalan lebih cepat, dll untuk memberikan saran, Michelle dan Julia akan menjadi beberapa Bowlers baik. Mereka adalah sedikit lambat, yang memberikan Anda lebih baik setup

Submitted By: Barker Robbie

Khusus Kazuya-Devil Tag
Jika Anda memilih Kazuya sebagai pemain pertama Anda dan Iblis sebagai kedua Anda dapat mengubah Kazuya menjadi iblis! Hal ini sangat COOL!

Submitted By: CheatPlanet

K.O. yang Crowd
Dalam mode Tekken Bowl, jika Anda mangkuk keras ke kanan atau kiri layar Anda harus mampu KO orang-orang yang mengawasi Anda, cheat ini benar-benar tidak berguna tapi menyenangkan untuk melihat.

Submitted By: jimi1

Ubah Costumes untuk Karakter
Untuk Ubah Karakter Anda Kostum:
Untuk Costume Original, Ketika Memilih Karakter: Tekan "X"
Untuk Costumes alternatif: Square Tekan, atau Triangle atau Circle. Ini akan memberi Anda kostum alternatif.

Submitted By: Rybka Anthony

Tim Pertempuran Kode Costume Ubah
Jika Anda ingin mendapatkan Anda Karakter di kostum mereka, bukannya menekan "START", tekan "R1" sebagai gantinya.
CATATAN: karakter Anda yang telah Anda pilih, harus memiliki pakaian khusus untuk tombol start.

Submitted By: Rybka Anthony

Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Akhir Video
Ini bukan cheat tapi cara yang sangat keren untuk mendapatkan semua video. Sebelum hal-hal lain masuk ke menu "opsi", dan pastikan bahwa setiap kali Anda kehilangan pertandingan, Anda bisa memilih karakter Anda lagi. Ok sekarang mengatur Anda, sekarang memilih dua karakter favorit Anda atau karakter yang Anda tahu semua bergerak juga, dan mendapatkan semua jalan menuju pertempuran terakhir, kehilangan pertempuran di tujuan, Anda harus bisa memilih karakter Anda lagi. Sekarang pastikan bahwa siapa pun yang Anda pilih pertama yang akan menjadi video yang Anda dapatkan. Lakukan ini berulang-ulang sampai Anda mendapatkan semua video.

Submitted By: MICHAEL F.

Lebih kostum
Sementara pemain menyoroti tekan L1 dan kemudian karakter Anda harus berbeda mencari. (Kode ini hanya dapat bekerja dengan beberapa tapi kebanyakan orang).

Submitted By: Alger Shawn

Mulailah dengan anggota tag lain
Sebelum dimulai putaran tahan tombol tag dan Anda akan mulai dengan pemain kedua yang Anda pilih.

Submitted By: trm96

Mengubah gaya bertarung Unknown
Pertama Anda harus membuka unkown dengan memainkan permainan, kemudian menjemputnya. Sementara dalam perkelahian tekan tombol R3 yang mendorong Stick Tepat masuk Anda akan melihat perubahan gaya mereka (ie Yoshimitsu dengan sord)

Submitted By: trm96

Lihat tarian kemenangan lainnya
Ketika Anda menang sebelum mengatakan "Kamu menang" tekan Square, Circle, Triangle, atau X dan Anda akan melihat tarian yang berbeda karakter kemenangan. Catatan: Beberapa karakter hanya memiliki dua (2) tarian. Catatan 2: CPU biasanya melakukan tarian X. Catatan 3: Tarian bahwa CPU raly dilakukan adalah tarian Segitiga

Submitted By: trm96

Dapatkan Kuma
Pergi ke panda karakter layar pilih dan sorot dan tekan R1

Submitted By: NICK WILLIAMS (: !!!!!!

Dapatkan Rodger
Pergi ke karakter layar memilih dan sorot alex dan tekan R1

Submitted By: NICK WILLIAMS (: !!!!!!

Dapatkan Tiger
Pergi ke karakter layar memilih dan sorot eddy dan tekan R1

Submitted By: NICK WILLIAMS (: !!!!!!

Dapatkan Angel
Pergi ke layar karakter pilih dan sorot Iblis dan tekan R1

Submitted By: NICK WILLIAMS (: !!!!!!

Pick Unknown & Tetsujin setelah mendapatkan mereka
Ketika Anda mendapatkan Unknown Dan Tetsujin (mokujin) Anda tidak dapat menemukan blok ada pilihan pada layar karakter pilih dan itu karena tersembunyi mereka.

Untuk diketahui ke kiri blok Roger dan Alex.
Untuk tetsujin itu ke kiri blok Wang.

Submitted By: Alex (

Pro Moves
Jika Anda memilih Gun Jack sebagai salah satu orang Anda, Anda dapat mengetuk pemain lain keluar Di satu pergi. Pada layar perintah pencarian untuk debugger. Ketika Anda melakukan itu terus terjadi di sekitar dan Anda akan mendengar suara yang akan mengatakan 1,2,3,4,5 ketika sampai 5 persegi tekan. Ini akan menjatuhkan mereka segera.

Jika Anda memilih Yoshimitsu sebagai salah satu orang Anda ada langkah yang menghapus sebagian besar ada kehidupan. Anda melakukan ini dengan menekan ulang persegi. Langkah ini membutuhkan waktu sehingga melakukan tendangan X normal dan bergerak. Bergerak lainnya yang seperti langkah ini hampir unblockable. Sebelum Yoshimitsu menusuk Anda menekan kotak lain.

Jika Anda memilih Iblis sebagai salah satu orang anda tidak menggunakan neraka, setan blaster blaster atau sebaliknya setan terhadap salah satu Jacks saat mereka pergi gila dan mengambil abit jika hidup jauh dari Anda.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Petunjuk Player
Yoshimitsu: Jika anda memilih untuk memilih Yoshimitsu, pada awal perjuangan saya akan menyarankan Anda untuk tekan X, mereka lawan akan jatuh ke bawah dan Anda memiliki cukup waktu untuk melakukan memindahkan pembunuh Anda. Begitu mereka telah jatuh ke bawah KEMBALI tekan, lalu HOLD BACK dan tekan SQUARE, ini harus dilakukan dengan cepat dan tepat waktu. Anda harus melihat pedangnya back up dan powering up, tusuk maka harus lawan dan mereka harus KO atau hampir KO. Lain langkah yang baik untuk mencoba pada wanita mengganggu atau Panda / Akuma adalah untuk terus Bawah dan menekan bersama X dan LINGKARAN, ia harus bermeditasi dan mengembalikan energi yang paling, maka ketika lawan mencapai Anda pada KIRI tekan posisi yang sangat dekat / KANAN, anda harus berputar dan lenyap di belakang mereka. Dengan cepat tekan HOLD bergerak dan langkah ini kemungkinan menjadi PILEDRIVER PEMINTALAN, ini juga tidak membagikan dari kerusakan tergantung pada lawan.

ROGER / ALEX: Jika Anda memilih menjadi dirinya langkah yang sangat baik adalah 'SPECIAL PUNCH' (bukan nama yang tepat.) Saja terus bergerak kembali, karena memakan waktu lama dan tekan tombol berikut, BACK, BACK, dan kemudian HOLD SQUARE . Anda harus melihat ayunan lengan belakang dan power up. Kemudian lawan harus jatuh untuk itu dan berlari ke arah Anda. Setelah ia mencapai Anda memindahkan seharusnya sudah dijalankan dan anda akan melihat lawan di lantai dan energi nya 3 / 4 pergi.

Submitted By: P Double

Jadilah Tiger
Pergi layar karakter pilih dan sorot Eddy kemudian tekan Start

Tekken Tag Tournament Unlockables
Rahasia Karakter
Selesaikan game untuk membuka rahasia masing-masing karakter, yang dibuka dalam urutan ini:

Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototipe Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil dan Angel

Submitted By: Arnold
Cheat Tekken 6

Tekken 4 Unlockables

Dapatkan Xiaoyu Schoolgirl
Selesai cerita modus menggunakan Xiaoyu kemudian pilih lagi menggunakan tombol segitiga

Dapatkan Panda
Pilih Kuma menggunakan tombol segitiga

Dapatkan Eddie Gordo
Selesai cerita modus menggunakan Christie kemudian pilih lagi menggunakan tombol lingkaran

Dapatkan Mode Teater
Mode Theater akan membuka setelah Anda mengalahkan Story Mode sekali dengan karakter apapun. Pada saat itu Anda dapat mendengarkan soundtrack panggung, melihat film dari karakter Anda hanya mengalahkan Story Mode dengan dan menarik film (Arcade Intro, PlayStation2 Intro, dan keduanya naik bis). Anda perlu terus memukul Story Mode dengan karakter yang berbeda semua film berakhir. Mendapatkan semua film mengharuskan anda mengalahkan Story Mode dengan baik Kuma dan Panda.  - ( Baca Juga : Cheat Tekken 5 )

Ling School Girl Outfit
Pilih Ling dengan Tepat Punch setelah Anda mengalahkan Story Mode dengan Ling

Submitted By: patel janak

Melepaskan Semua Karakter
Jauhkan pemukulan Arcade Mode atau Story Mode dengan karakter yang berbeda sampai semua orang dilepaskan. Tidak ada karakter tersembunyi 'dari layar'. Apa yang Anda lihat adalah apa yang Anda dapatkan.

Submitted By: patel janak

Dapatkan Tahap Dojo
Selesai semua 4 Tahapan Tekken Force

Dapatkan Miharu
Selesai cerita modus menggunakan Xiaoyu kemudian pilih lagi menggunakan tombol lingkaran

Dapatkan Violet
Pilih Lee menggunakan lingkaran tombol

Tekken 4 Telur Paskah
Selesai semua 4 Tahapan Tekken Force
Mengalahkan apapun mode yang Anda ingin memasukkan catatan Anda untuk menggunakan pengaturan permainan default (ini adalah pengaturan berwarna hijau, seperti 2 putaran atau kesulitan menengah). Setelah Anda telah mengalahkan mode dan Anda memasukkan inisial Anda tekan terus Square dan Segitiga, kemudian tekan u / f pada joystick. Anda akan melihat kata sandi Anda bisa masuk di PlayStation2 Jepang Tekken 4 Namco situs.

Submitted By: patel janak

Tekken 4 Glitches
Atmosfer Glitches
Jika Anda berjuang pada tingkat dengan orang-orang di kiri dan kanan, Anda dapat melakukan khusus untuk membunuh, KO atau flip seseorang ke air.Also jika Anda berjuang di pelataran parkir Anda dapat melakukan serangan efektif atau khusus untuk mengirim musuh yuor terbang melalui balok dukungan!

Submitted By: Devil - Jin
Cheat Tekken 6

Cheat Tekken 5

Tekken 5
Cheat Tekken 5 > Karakter dalam permainan video adalah tokoh fiksi yang dapat dimainkan oleh sang pemain. Karakter bisa bermacam-macam ditinjau dari segi permainannya ada laki-laki perempuan, manusia, robot, monster, dan lain-lain. Karakter bersifat semi permanen di mana jika kita tidak menginginkannya lagi maka dengan mudah kita bisa menghapusnya. Karakter menjadi ciri utama user dalam setiap game online.dalam kenyataan umum , karakter bisa digambarkan sebagai sifat manusia pada umumnya dimana manusia mempunyai banyak sifat yang tergantung dari faktor kehidupannya sendiri.Karakter seperti:
  •  Pemarah
  •  Sabar
  •  Ceria
  •  Pemaaf
Dan banyak lainnya karena setiap manusia pasti mempunyai karakter yang berbeda.Manusia sebagai makhluk individu-sosialis mempunyai karakter sosial yang kuat berbeda dengan makhluk-makhluk hidup lainnya.Karakter Bisa disebut juga (Karakteristik), ataupun dalam bahasa inggris (charateristic).Untuk menunjukan ekstitensi dirinya manusia pasti mempunyai ciri khas karakter sendiri-sendiri.

Unlock Semua Karakter
  • Tamatkan Story Mode dengan setiap karakter yang berbeda. Setiap kamu menamatkan satu karakter, maka karakter yang semula ? akan berisi karakter baru. Kamu bisa dapatkan semua karakter kecuali Devil Jin dan Eddy Gordo . Cara mendapatkan Devil Jin berbeda dengan karakter lainnya. ( Baca Juga :  Cheat Tekken 6 )
Mengaktifkan Mode Theater
  • Untuk Mengaktifkan Mode Theater, kamu harus menamatkan minimal 1 karakter. Setiap karakter yang telah kamu tamatkan dapat kamu tonton lagi movienya di Theatre Mode ini. Di Theatre Mode, kamu selain bisa menonton movie tiap karakter, kamu bisa mendengarkan OST Tekken dan juga dapat melihat Trailer Tekken 5 selama di pameran E3 maupun TGS.
Unlock Eddy Gordo
  • Eddy Gordo bisa kamu dapatkan dari menu Customize karakter Christie. Jadinya Eddy Gordo ini adalah baju extra dari Christie. Harganya adalah 500,000G (PS2) atau 400,000G (Arcade).
Unlock Devil Jin
  • Devil Jin bisa kamu dapatkan setelah menamatkan mode "DEVIL WITHIN" atau memainkan beberapa kali Arcade Mode, VS atau Story Mode. Ada yang mengatakan kamu harus memenangkan 200 ronde
Game Money (G)
  • Game Money bisa kamu dapatkan setiap kali bermain Arcade Mode yang berkisar dari 800G - 4000G. Di Arcade Mode biasa akan muncul random roulette box yang akan mengalikan jumlah G yang kamu dapatkan dengan hasil roletnya.
  • Kamu juga akan mendapatkan 100.000G setiap berhasil menamatkan 1 karakter di Mode Theater.
  • Setelah menamatkan Devil Within, kamu akan mendapatkan ekstra 1.000.000G
Gratis Item Customization
  • Kamu bisa mendapatkan Item Gratis ketika kamu bermain mode Devil Within. yang kedua kalinya (setelah kamu menamatkannya). Item-item tersebut bisa didapatkan di game selama kamu memainkannya.
Menaikkan Rank dengan Cara Cepat
  • Kamu harus melawan musuh kamu yang memiliki rank yang sama dengan kamu. Biasanya cukup memenangkan 3 atau 5 kali melawan musuh yang rank sama untuk menaikkan rank kamu.
  • Seteleh pertarungan kamu berakhir di Arcade Mode, kamu bisa memilih 3 lawan, kamu tidak bisa selalu memilih lawan yang ranknya sama dengan kamu, tapi jika memang ada yang rank yang sama, segera pilih lawannya.
Cara mudah untuk mengalahkan Jinpachi  
  • Ini dapat digunakan dengan karakter lain kemudian Steve Fox, Steve tidak dapat menendang. Cara mudah untuk mengalahkan Jinpachi adalah selalu melompat dan menendang dia. Langsung tepat sebelum ia bangkit dan menendang lagi, ulangi cara ini sampai kamu  merobohkannya. Kadang-kadang hal ini tidak dapat bekerja langsung, Jinpachi memang memiliki pergerakan yang cepat dan mungkin akan membuat kamu  kewalahan.
    Cuplikan Ekstra Movie
    • Kamu bisa menonton beberapa adegan tambahan spesial antar 2 karakter yang memiliki hubungan dalam cerita. Oleh kerena itu jangan terburu-buru menekan tombol 'start' ketika pertarungan dimulai . 
        Referensi  Cheat Tekken 5
        • Karakter :
        Cheat Tekken 6

        Sunday, October 24, 2010

        WoW patch punishes button mashing

        Due to the way I play World of Warcraft, I barely noticed the new ability queue system. I do not mash buttons, but press them when appropriate. In the new ability queue system, if you are on global cooldown or in the middle of an action, and press another hotkey, the game remembers that, and queues the ability, performing it after the first one is finished. If you play it right that is going to improve your ability output, because it gets around the problem of lag making you think you are still on cooldown, while in reality you are not.

        But some people complain about the new ability queue, because they are apparently unable to hit a key just once. They are the button mashers, if they want some ability to go off, they hammer the key until it does. Only of course that with the new ability queue if you button mash, you will launch abilities twice which you only wanted once. WoW now actively punishes button mashing, and that is good. There is really no reason why a game should respond better if you hammer your keys instead of pressing them once.

        Saturday, October 23, 2010

        Menyisipkan Iklan Google Adsense Didalam Postingan

        Menyisipkan Iklan Google Adsense Didalam Postingan memiliki kecenderungan lebih besar untuk di klik oleh para pembaca dibanding yang dipasang di sidebar. Ini tentu saja karena letaknya yang strategis dan mudah dilihat. Namum beberapa orang masih kesulitan untuk menyisipkan iklan google adsense di dalam postingan. saya akan memberikan sedikit trik cara menampilkan iklan adsense di dalam postingan . Iklan adsense yang bisa disisipkan bisa bersumber dari situs PPC mana saja, boleh google adsense, adsensecamp, klik saya, chitika, adbrite, dll.

        Untuk memasang Google Adsense didalam postingan / artikel anda tidak bisa langsung melakukan paste pada halaman edit html, melainkan script iklan harus di parse terlebih dahulu untuk menghindari error ketika ingin disimpan. untuk melakukan parse anda bisa menggunakan software - software web design. misalnya Macromedia Dreamwaver, Microsoft Frontpage, Namao Web Editor, dll. jika ingin yang praktis anda bisa mengunjungi web yang menyediakan fasilitas parse secara gratis di di web tersebut anda tinggal mempaste script iklan yang anda miliki kedalam kotak form kemudian click tombol parse. hasil parse tersebutlah yang anda letakan pada elemen edit html.

        Nah, supaya tidak terlalu panjang lebar sekarang langsung Aja ke TKP"

        1. Silahkan login ke akun blogger Anda.

        2. Pilih tata letak kemudian pilih Edit html

        3. Centang kotak di sebelah 'Expand Template Widget'

        4. cari kode <p> <data:post.body/> </ p> atau <data:post.body/> sama aja

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        &lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;

        Nah hanya dengan trik singkat ini iklan adsense sudah bisa tampil di dalam posting di bawah judul ataw di bawah postingan. Artikel
        “ingat kode adsensenya harus di parse dulu”
        Oke deh selamat mencoba Menyisipkan Iklan Google Adsense Didalam Postingan 

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        Friday, October 22, 2010

        Blizzcon announces absolutely nothing

        There has been a lot of speculation what the big announcement at this year's Blizzcon would be, but nobody had guessed this one: Absolutely nothing. I paid DirectTV for watching an opening ceremony in which the "major" announcements were that the Lich King has been killed half a million times, and that yes, in fact you will be able to download Cataclysm on release day. For being a CEO, Mike Morhaime sure is a bad speaker. Chris Metzen spoke a lot better, but had absolutely nothing to say, and instead gave a presentation about geeks playing with transformer toys. Unless Blizzard is planning a surprise announcement on day 2, which they never did, this year's Blizzcon was a non-event, announcement-wise.

        There are some interesting tidbits from the panels, about dungeons and raids, and patch 4.1. But if the biggest announcement is enhanced dungeon maps for World of Warcraft, I'm sure lots of players will be a bit disappointed.

        Thursday, October 21, 2010

        Failure is always an option

        As this post is likely to be deliberately misinterpreted by a certain brand of troll, let me start with this statement: I am very much in favor of Cataclysm making World of Warcraft harder. I specifically like the changes that make healing more tactical, where the healer has to make intelligent choices not only who to heal, but also which spell to heal with. But I also welcome the return of crowd control, and the necessity of careful selection of your target, instead of mindless AoE damage.

        Having said that, in spite of preferring situation B to situation A, I'm a bit worried about how we will get from A to B. While I don't like blanket statements like "WoW is too easy", it is certainly true that the excessive rewards for heroics in Wrath of the Lich King did lead to groups being generally overgeared for the heroics they were running, which in turn led to extremely careless gameplay habits. Not so much for the tanks and healers, but very much so for the damage dealers. Not only have they forgotten all they ever knew about crowd control, but in many cases they barely know about how to intelligently select which target to attack any more. If you can kill everything with AoE spells, that is what you will do. Furthermore the excessive use of addons like Gearscore and damage meters has led players to believe that the best damage dealer is the one on top of the damage meter. That is likely to cause problems in Cataclysm.

        In the overgeared situation of WotLK heroics, the normal situation before patch 4.0.1 was that the tank could hold all aggro, whatever the damage dealers did, and the healer could keep everybody topped up to maximum health whatever happened. That situation where failure wasn't an option is about to change. Patch 4.0.1 already made the aggro holding part much harder, and healing will become harder once people level up and stop being insanely overgeared for the content they are running. What is the typical damage dealer going to think when his group just wiped? Will he think "Oh, I shouldn't have used that AoE spell while the tank was still charging!"? Or will he think "Stupid fail tank didn't hold aggro, stupid fail healer didn't keep me alive!"? My guess is the latter.

        Damage dealers need to learn that failure not only is always an option in Cataclysm, but also that they now carry a big part of the responsibility for that failure. Be that from crowd control or from targeting, a good dps is not just the highest number on the damage meter any more. Too bad I doubt that anyone will ever program a good performance meter addon which gives out bonus points for crowd control and big penalties whenever a damage dealer pulls aggro.

        Unfortunately the most likely outcome for some time is an endless wailing of dps players about how bad the healers and tanks are. And that leads me to fear another problem: An increased tank shortage. Let's not mince words here: Tanks got shafted by patch 4.0.1, and there is nothing to suggest that Cataclysm will improve their situation. My healing priest is dual spec and his damage output as shadow increased from 3.5k dps to 4.5k dps with the patch while wearing his healing gear!!! My protection warrior deals only half that damage in his tanking gear, because replacing defense by dodge didn't change the need for tanks to carry around two sets of gear. And melee damage took a big hit compared to spell damage in general in patch 4.0.1. As a result I would need to gear up my tank twice as long as my healer, and still not get close to the same damage output in my second spec. And as tanking already has become a whole lot more difficult, playing a tank just isn't fun any more: He is worse off now both in group and solo gameplay, and gets insult added to injury. While druids probably will remain popular, due to more races available to them in Cataclysm, and their now much overpowered moonkin damage output, paladins will certainly drop from the top of the popularity table, and warriors risk falling down to the bottom of it, with only Spinks remaining as protection warrior.

        I do hope that with time all this will balance out, in part by Blizzard improving the balance between spell damage and melee damage, in part by people getting used to the new realities and learning how to crowd control and watch aggro. But until we get there, I'm afraid we can expect some unfriendly moments in World of Warcraft.

        Minecraft besieged

        A group of players is trying to bring down the Minecraft servers with a distributed denial of service attack because they feel that the guy who single-handedly wrote the program isn't adding content fast enough. No comment, I'm speechless about this degree of sense of entitlement.

        Need for Speed Undercover Unlockables

        Mobil Dikonfirmasi Dalam NFS Undercover
        Akan ada sedikitnya 55 mobil "

        * Mereka dengan Tahun terpasang telah resmi diumumkan.

        Anda juga dapat Check them out di Kota Lot Tri Car.

        * Lancar Count - 45 resmi mengumumkan sampai dengan November 11, 2008

        Aston Martin
        - '06 DB9

        - '08 R8
        - TT '07
        - '09 S5
        - '06 RS4

        - '08 M6
        - '03 M3

        - Veyron 16.4

        - '06 CTS-V

        - '06 Corvette Z06
        - SS Chevrolet '70 balita
        - SS Chevrolet Camaro '67

        - '71 Challenger
        - '07 Charger SRT8
        - '06 Viper SRT10

        - GT '06
        - '06 Mustang GT
        - '96 Escort Cosworth
        - '06 ST Fokus

        - CCX '06

        - Gallardo LP 560
        - '06 Murcielago LP 640

        - '08 IS-F

        - '06 Elise

        - F1 '94

        - Kecepatan 3 '06
        - RX-8 '06
        - '95 RX-7

        - '08 CLS 63

        - Lancer Evolution '06
        - '06 Lancer Evo IX MR

        - '07 GT-R (R35)
        - '99 Skyline GT-R (R34)
        - '09 370Z (EA Resmi Siaran Pers)
        - '89 240sx (S13)

        - '06 Zonda F

        - '70 Barracuda

        - Solstice GXP '06
        - '65 GTO

        - '06 911 Turbo
        - '06 911 GT3 RS
        - Carrera GT '05

        - Megane Coupe '08

        - '67 GT500
        - '08 GT500 KR

        - Supra '98

        - Golf R32 '06
        - Scirocco '08
        Submitted By: Ming
        Source of :: gamesradar

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        Cheat Resident Evil 4

        Cheat Resident Evil 4
         Resident Evil 4 Cheats
        Infinite Villagers in Church
        Entry Location:
        • After defeating everyone in the area, shoot the churchbell. Villagers will come to get you. Repeat until you're tired of it.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Completion Unlocks
        Entry Location:
        • Complete the game to unlock the mini-games Separate Ways and Mercenaries; Professional difficulty; Leon's Raccoon City Police Department costume, Ashley's pop star costume, Ada's black costume; ability to purchase the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher for 1 million Pesetas, or the Tactical Vest for 60,000 Pesetas; plus a new title screen. After completing the game, start a new game, press Start and select "Load Game". Choose the file labelled "Clear". You will be taken to a menu where you can buy the bonus weapons. Once you start the game, all the items you had in your previous game will be in your inventory.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Extra Ammo
        Entry Location:
        • When you upgrade a gun, you get a full clip. Wait until your clip is almost empty and you'll get some bonus ammo.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Resident Evil 4 Hints

        Easy Way To Complete The Pit Fight
        Entry Location:
        Pit in fort
        • When you jump into the pit the chainsaw ladies come out to get you. When the cutscene is done climb a ladder. When a chainsaw lady gets to the top of the ladder knock it down. Get out your best weapon and shoot down at the people in the pit. Note: people will climb up other ladders so watch out.
        Submitted By: Blake

        Beat Krauser easily
        Entry Location:
        • When you are fighting krauser, try not to use much ammo, until you get the second holy piece. This is because after you get the second holy piece, Krauser grows this sheild-like thing out of his arm, and he planted C4 on the building, and you only have a few minutes to beat him. After the cutscene, you should have plenty of ammo, so shoot him in the shins until he goes down, then unload on him. My suggestion is to use the mine thrower and shoot him in the face when you get him down.
        Submitted By: jesusworshipper666

        Easy Way to Get Past Village
        Entry Location:
        • When you get to the part where you have to kill a bunch of Ganados in the villlage, instead of not even going in the house, go in grab the shot gun, get the grenade then run over and push the ladder down right by the bed. Then grab the shot gun shells and go over to the other window and jump onto the roof. Turn right and go grab the spinel.
        • Now just stand their and kill of all the enemies untill the movie clip. NOTE: use the grenade on Dr.Salvador (the chain saw guy).
        Submitted By: Samuel Hess

        Saving Ammo on Pro Mode
        Entry Location:
        • Instead of using up your ammo on pro mode take your firearm and shoot the ganados in the head then go over and kick them. While their on the ground go up to them and kill them with your knife. This saves a tremendous amount of ammo if you dont have any to spare.
        Submitted By: Samuel Hess

        5 Star Castle
        Entry Location:
        Mersaneirie Castle
        • To beat the Castle Mersaneirie level easy with any chararcter its very simple I have got the Handcannon from 5 Stars on every level with every character and I think the castle is the easiest level. Pick a chrarcter if you dont have any other people except Leon you have to go him but you will still get Krauser from a 4 star racking (30,000 pts). Select the castle level and you will satrt if you are Leon or Krauser use your knife to break the crates behind you grab the stuff and run. Go up the steps and go right follow up to the brales and break them quikly turn around and shoot the hell out of the Zealot Monks. Do that untill you get over 5,000 pts then go forward and you will see a door to the left and stairs to the right take the stairs then break all the barles up where you are and grab the contense. Get into a corner at the end where there is a wall next to you so the archers dont get you. Zealots will start coming kill them untill a Blind phyco slasher comes up to you throw the red granaid you got out of 1 of the brales at the guy and hell will burn but he aint dead if your Leon use your shotgun if your Ada use you Semi-Auto Rifle if your Krauser dont use the granaid just use your big cool arm if ya HUNK use a granaid or your custom TMP for Wesker use your Killer7. When he is dead run down the steps and enter the door fight off all the Zealots and then you will see a open door that leeds outside go through there and grab the time boost and the Kill Bonus. Run back down and make a left there are stairs go up them. There will be a treasur chest open it kill all the guys till you get 30,000 pts YAY survive and you get Krauser. Enter the door in front of you and and kill the Zealots there will be another door enter it and there are alot of Zealots kill them because they will keep coming there is a big double door if your trying to get a 5 star ranking (60,000 pts) dont go through there if you want a new high score go ahead a phyco will come out kill him and get the time and the treasure chest another will come out kill him and just guys will come. Thats all you have to do you do that and you will get a minimum of 4 star ranking.
        Submitted By: St Link

        Mercinaries Backup
        Entry Location:
        To get a good enough score but still earn 5* stars you need about 6,000pts. Some characters have a better advantage like Krauser, he has his arm. This is how to start off with every characterÂ…..
        • LEON Village ~ Collect ALL of the extra time limit. Use your Handgun to kill villagers from 2-4 shots. Find Shotgun ammo to use. Once the Bella Sisters (Chainsaw lady) comes out take out your Shotgun, blast some heads off and kill the Bella Sisters.
        • LEON Castle ~ Collect ALL of the extra time limit. Do the same like the village part. Once you reach the ending point DO NOT open the big doors because a Garridor will come out to attack. Keep shooting, also shoot the red barrels to kill alot of enemies when close by. Kill the ones with the bow gun first and move left and right to check on the enemies.
        • LEON Island ~ Do the same as the other areas. Once J.J (Machinegun man) comes out shoot him with the Shotgun in the face 4-7 times and he should die. Keep on going....remember that there are only 2 J.J's. Find many explosives and pack the enemies up and blow them into pieces.
        • LEON Bay ~ If you start almost at the top of the tall tower shoot the 3 enemies that are in front of you it should take 2 shots for all 3 of them to die. Climb to the top of the tower and wait for the Crazy Chainsaw man comes up. Shoot him in the face 4-9 times and he should die. Be careful because there is another one around there. If you want you can kill them with your knife. Simply wait for them to jump the ladder and knife them making them fall into the water.
        • ADA Village ~ Simply use your Blacktail to break barrels and kill some villagers. Find as many Sniper Rifle bullets and use it to blast heads off and kill the Bella Sisters easier. Use you TMP when the Bella Sisters are on the floor. Use the Semi-Rifle when you are cornered or KICK to make the oneÂ’s in front get pushed.
        • ADA Castle ~ Use your Blacktail for a while then the TMP and then the Semi-Rifle. It is best that you shoot them in the chest not the head.
        • ADA Island ~ Use yor TMP for a couple of shots to the head and keep running for your life. Once you've brang both J.J's use your Incendiary grenades and use the Semi-Rifle. Just run around finding more time and blast heads off.
        • ADA Bay ~ This is too easy. Use your TMP or Blacktail which ever one is right for you. Wait till the Crazy Chainsaw man comes and make sure you are at a far distance, shoot him with the Semi-Rifle 5-8 times and he's dead.
        • HUNK Village ~ Just use Neck breaker all the time to make sure you get good combo points
        • HUNK Castle ~ Run to the top and let the Garridor out and use ALL of you grenades. Use Neck breaker on enemies and get good combo points.
        • HUNK Island ~ Use ALL your grenades on J.J and shoot him in the face. Use Neck breaker and blow some enemies up.
        • HUNK Bay ~ Shoot the Crazy Chainsaw man from a far distance and throw 2-3 grenades at him. He should die quick. Get some more grenades and kill the other one, get some Neck breakers and combo points.
        • KRAUSER Village ~ Not much to do but use your arm, run away, use your arm and run away.
        • KRAUSER Castle ~ Collect the time and open the doors, use your arm and continue with your Bow and Arrows in that small little room.
        • KRAUSER Island ~ Not much to do but use your arm here too.
        • KRAUSER Bay ~ Use your arm and shoot the Crazy Chainsaw man in the head.
        • WESKER Village ~ Throw away your Silent Pistol attachment because itÂ’s wasting space in your inventory. Use your handgun until you have run out of ammo, use your Flash grenades to get some hits, then use the Semi-Rifle. When the Bella Sisters come throw Grenades and use both your Semi-Rifle and Killer 7.
        • WESKER Castle ~ Run to the top of the castle collecting ALL of the time limits on your way. Use your Grenades and Incendiary grenades to kill the oneÂ’s with that wooden shield. Open the big doors and shoot Garridor 2 times in the back with the Killer 7 and 3-6 times with the Semi-Rifle.
        • WESKER Island ~ Shoot J.J with the Semi-Rifle or Killer 7 and throw 1 Grenade. Get some headshots or kill enemies with the Semi-Rifle in the chest.
        • WESKER Bay ~ Shoot the Crazy Chainsaw man with the Semi-Rifle 2-4 shots with the Killer 7 use 1-3 shots. Go around on high ground and throw Grenades and shoot with the Semi-Rifle.
        Submitted By: Harry A.K.A Leon

        Quick Kill on El Gigante (Ogre)
        Entry Location:
        After fighting De Lago (Lake monster)
        • Make sure you have exactlly four grenades on you. Throw two at the same time at El Gigante and he will go on his knees. When you jump off of him throw two more grenades quickly and jump on him. He will die in at least 30 seconds or less.
        Submitted By: Harry A.K.A Leon

        How To Get Chicago Typewriter
        Entry Location:
        • To get the Chicago Typewriter you must complete the game with Leon's Raccoon City Police Department costume and have the bottle cap with Ada to get it.
        Submitted By: Blake

        Earn 20000 ptas Easily
        Entry Location:
        • When the merchant gives you the punisher for free, it has exactly the same stats as the handgun, so you can just sell it immediately for 20000 ptas.
        Submitted By: Troy Richardson

        the puzzle combination for level 3-2
        Entry Location:
        4 3 2 1
        • When you need to move the pictures around after it says the sacrafice of 6 shall open the true path. Go to the thing that says operate and enter in 4 3 2 1 in that order and then press OK.
        Submitted By: Troy Richardson

        fish food
        Entry Location:
        • As you are fighting the lake monster you may notice the giant chunks of wood in the water. You have to steer out of the way or you are thrown out of the boat. If this happens you have to swim back. If you don't make it, it will tell you this: "being fish food isn't too much fun"
        Submitted By: game master

        Easy 5 Star Ranks In Village with Leon
        Entry Location:
        Mercanrys With Leon
        ~Leon S. Kenndy~
        • * Handgun#1
        • *Shotgun#1
        • * Handgun Ammo#20
        • *Shotgun Ammo#15
        • *Heath Spray#1
        • When you Start at the point where you will be Run to the Church and turn Right there will be Time There in the Barns,house,and on land. Use the Hangun on the Crazy ass villagers 5 or 4 shots will Kill them. When you kill 10 or 20 enemys The Bella sister will apear be careful they will just Pop up out of know where in a flash. Take out your shotgun and blow them in the face not to far or to close do this for a while and you will have 6,000,000 in no time.
        • When you are about to run out of ammo run away where you can find some. Maybe there will be Heath in the same places.When you have no no Shotgun ammo don't panick smash barrols with your knife and there will be about 15 Shells there.
        • ~What to advoid~
        • Village ~ Men with Pitch forks have more rang stay way or quickly shot.
        • Crazy Chainsaws~ They have no far rang stay a little far.
        • Stupid Ladies~ Wemen with Knife no far rang.
        • Bare hands~ Don't get to close or you will get chocked and slamed hard.
        • ~ I hope I had heped you will with This man Leon~
        Submitted By: Corey J.

        Easy Way To Kill The Parasite
        Entry Location:
        • One flash grenade will kill the parasites that come out of the guys' heads in one shot so you don't have to waste a lot of ammo on them.
        Submitted By: marcus gramse

        Better Way To Beat Krauser
        Entry Location:
        • The real way to beat Krauser isn't unloading in his face because there is a big battle after your fight with him. Hopefully by now you have the killer7 or fully upgraded the butterfly, but use your magnum to shoot his legs then knife him. Keep doing this until you beat him. good luck!
        Submitted By: josh

        Throw Eggs at Ashley
        Entry Location:
        • Collect eggs, then equip them. Now you can throw them at Ashley. They don't hurt her but it's funny.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Ashley Calls You a Pervert
        Entry Location:
        • When Ashley is above you on a cliff or ladder, look up at her. She will grab her skirt and call you a pervert.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Easy Money in Castle
        Entry Location:
        • Look behind paintings of Saddler to find 5,000 Pesetas.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Getting the Green Catseye in Church
        Entry Location:
        • In Chapter 1-3 in the church, go right and look for a small path at the back of the church. Go to the blinking item, then press X to check it. After that, rotate seven times with option 3, then five times with option 4, then once with option 3.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Mercenaries Mini-game Tips
        Entry Location:
        • Stage 4 is the hardest part, where you have to fight a huge chainsaw guy. He is bigger than usual and has a saw with two blades. He can't climb ladders, so jump down or climb something quickly when he comes at you. Jack Krauser's transformation is the best weapon to use.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Mercenaries Mini-game Bonus Characters
        Entry Location:
        Get a four star rank in an area to unlock a character in the mini-game:
        • Ada Wong - Pueblo
        • Albert Wesker - Waterworld
        • Hunk - Island Commando
        • Jack Krauser - Castle
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Beat Mercenaries Mini-game: Village
        Entry Location:
        • At the top of the barn (by the house where you found the shotgun), wait for Los Illuminados to come. When the're in, shoot the barrel and jump down. Pick up the dropped items. Climb back up the ladder and repeat. Do not throw grenades while there is a flame barrel; it will not do double damage. Look out for Chainsaw Hags that will decapitate you if you get too close. With Hunk or Krauser use neck break; and Krauser's transform, which can kill in one hit. With Ada or Wesker, use sniper rifles. With Leon use grenades.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Separate Ways Mini-Game
        Entry Location:
        • Complete the mini-game to unlock Ashley's knight costume and Leon's gangster costume. You will also unlock the Chicago Typewriter (a Tommy gun with infinite ammo!) which you can buy for 1 million Pesetas.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Entry Location:
        • Destroy ten of fifteen blue medallions (seven at the farm, eight at the cemetery) to get the Punisher. Upgrade to "Exclusive" to hit 5 targets at once.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Easy Money
        Entry Location:
        • Collect eggs from the chickens in the farm area. Leave and come back so you can fill your inventory, then sell your eggs to the merchant. White eggs get you 300 Pesetas, brown eggs get you 600 Pesetas, and golden eggs get you 3,000 Pesetas.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Quick money or more health
        Entry Location:
        • Mix a Green, Red, and Yellow Herb and sell it for a lot of money, or use to increase your maximum health.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Selling Items
        Entry Location:
        • You get more money by combining items before you sell them, than you would if you sold each item separately.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Open Doors Quicker
        Entry Location:
        • Tap X twice when the "Open" action appears to kick open doors. This will give you the element of surprise, and enemies behind the door will fly back.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Entry Location:
        • Get a five star rank with each mercenary in the Mercenaries mini-game to unlock the HandCannon weapon. Fully upgrade the HandCannon's options to get infinite ammo. Also unlocoked by successfully completing the game twice. The HandCannon will be available at the start of the game for 0 Pesetas and will have unlimited ammo. When upgraded to "Exclusive", the gun has the power of the Chicago Typewriter.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Opening Locks
        Entry Location:
        • Rather than shooting locks open and wasting ammo, use your knife. Works for boxes, too.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Avoid Damage From Traps
        Entry Location:
        • Trigger traps from afar by shooting the explosive in the center of the trap with your laser sight.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Crows for Money
        Entry Location:
        • Shoot crows and they often drop Pesetas.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Jewel Nests
        Entry Location:
        • Shoot bird's nests down to get pricey jewels. You'll see them in trees all around the village.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Entry Location:
        • Throw a flash grenade into a group of birds or Granadas. They will die instantly and you'll get tons of gold.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Killing Snakes
        Entry Location:
        • Kill snakes to get chicken eggs.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Sell Rocket Launcher
        Entry Location:
        • First buy the infinite-ammo rocket launcher. Then, when you fight Saddler and Ada throws you the rocket launcher, do not use it. When get a shot at Saddler's eye, use your unlimited launcher. When Saddler is killed, you keep the special rocket launcher. Start a new game and sell it to the merchant.
        Submitted By: albertl0025

        Killing Merchant
        Entry Location:
        • You can kill the merchant if you want. On normal difficulty, he comes back but on the professional difficulty he stays dead.
        Submitted By: albertl0025
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