Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Curing a gaming slump

Keen from KeenandGraev.com is in a gaming slump, not enjoying any games at the moment. He wonders whether that is because he read too much about Warhammer Online and can't enjoy the current games because he is looking forward to the next big thing. That would be bad, because it'll still be a year before WAR comes out. So how do you cure a gaming slump?

I noticed that trying to play something completely different isn't much of a help. Chances are that if you don't feel any enjoyment from the MMO games you are usually playing, changing to console games or other genres of PC games won't help much. Only if you happen to get hold of something new you were really looking forward to it might break the slump, but as I said, if you are waiting for WAR, don't hold your breath, it will take too long.

I think the only thing that really works is taking a break from gaming. I'm feeling a bit in a slump myself, but hey, just 4 more days until I leave for a 3-week holiday without computer. That should cure it! Nevertheless the thought of 3 weeks without games, and the weather forecast predicting rain, makes me a bit nervous. Being terribly bored for 3 weeks will cure your gaming slump, but the cure is worse than the disease. So I packed my PSP and all the games I have for it, and will test the suitability of the PSP as a holiday emergency gaming device.

That is insofar a good idea that I didn't yet play my money's worth out of my PSP. You simply don't play with a handheld gaming console if you are at home with three PCs and two video game consoles, even if those aren't "next generation" yet. But for a rainy holiday the PSP should be perfect. I have Puzzle Quest, both Metal Gear Acids, Everybody's Golf, Field Commander, Lego Star Wars Original, Sid Meier's Pirates, Tales of Eternia, and Worms: Open Warfare. Not that I plan to play all day, I'd rather get a lot of sun and fresh air. But if rain should keep me indoors, I have the Lord of Rings trilogy to read, and the PSP to play, so I'm covered. It'll be a mix of not playing at all and playing something completely different. And I fully expect to be out of the gaming slump by August when I am back.

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