Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I agree

As it doesn't happen all that often, I thought it would be worth posting that I completely agree with Nils' analysis of hotkey/macro-based combat: When the best strategy is to spam a few buttons as fast as possible without caring what those buttons are, there is something wrong with the combat system.

And just for the record: This isn't supposed to be an "anti Rift" post. The remark applies to WoW as well, even if WoW has slightly different macro restrictions. If carefully choosing the right button to press is a bad strategy, and quickly spamming keys in more or less the right order gives a better result, that just isn't a game for me.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Progression and persistence

For me an ideal raid endgame would start with a dungeon that is relatively easy, and then get progressively harder with each following dungeon. As a consequence, players and guilds would spread out, with the best players advancing fastest, and the least good progressing very slowly, and that mostly through the inevitable gear accumulation. And all these raid dungeons would remain as they are throughout the expansion.

Blizzard's idea in Cataclysm appears to be to have a "current" dungeon set which is rather hard, and then nerf that set of raid dungeons when the next set of raid dungeons is patched in. Unfortunately the earlier version of this concept in Wrath of the Lich King shows that this simply doesn't work: The earlier raid dungeons just stood empty when a new set became "current". Instead of having persistent dungeon difficulty and a progression through them, the "add new and nerf old" concept just makes the old content irrelevant. If your guild doesn't happen to have finished their progression through the old content EXACTLY at the moment of the next content patch, you're screwed. If you are too fast, you have to wait around. If you are too slow, the boss kill you were looking forward to just got nerfed into being trivial and not fun any more.

If Blizzard thinks that by patch 4.2 they can get both the bored hardcore and the frustrated average players back into the game with one stroke, I'm afraid they will be severely disappointed. Some people will doubtlessly enjoy the new Firelands "personal development" daily quests. But their raid progression strategy is a complete dud that ends up making nobody happy.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Every item in EVE is for sale for real money

Syncaine claims that CCP is doing item shops better than other games, because they announced a shop with vanity items only. You buy a PLEX, break it up into a new currency called Aurum, and buy items like monocles for your character, or paint jobs for your spaceship. So far, so good.

What Syncaine fails to mention is that of course the old PLEX against ISK trade is still there. And with ISK you can buy every single item in the game. Thus if you wanted, you could buy any item you want for real world money, although you might not have the skill to use it.

Sorry, I fail to see how that is "better than the rest of the genre". Other games have items which are exclusive for people who play, and other items you can buy. In EVE you don't know how the other player got his ship, whether he earned the ISK by playing, or just used his credit card.

So yeah, added vanity items are nice. But that doesn't distract from the fact that EVE has the most extreme "virtual item for real cash" system out there.

Backyard Monsters

Have you ever heard about Backyard Monsters? If not, you should know that you are missing one of the best facebook strategy games. I have always missed facebook strategy games and I have always thought that there are not enough quality strategy games on facebook. Finally there is really good facebook strategy game Backyard Monsters.
I have to admit that I didn't want to play this game, because acording to name I thought it is some stupid game for kids, but later one of my friends told me that it is really one of the best facebook games and I can say now that he was absolutely right.
So what this game is all about? Of course as every really good war strategy it is about building and fighting! Most of facebook games are as stupid as they can be, well, that is really not the case of Backyard Monsters, you have to think while playing this game!

In this game your task is to build your base, build defense of your base and of course building your army of monsters. In this game you have to get resources and with these resources you are building the base and of course also your army of monsters. It is really great fun to attack wild monster tribes, but from certain level it gets even better because you start to fight with other players and that is the part where real strategic battle begins.

If you have always wanted to play some real strategic game on facebook, then Backyard Monsters is exactly that kind of game you will like and it will certainly be one of yours best facebook games.

Rating 9/10

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Non-twitch will make you rich

World of Tanks continues to grow at a spectacular rate. Last night there were more "concurrent users" on the European server than EVE has on their world-wide server; WoT has American, Russian, and Chinese servers in addition to that, and only took 10 weeks to get that many players. The Chinese reported having made $2 million in the first 2 weeks, and the other servers are probably even more profitable. And that with a game which in spite of being called "World of" actually hasn't got any persistent world in it, and is not really a MMORPG. It is a tactical, team-based shooter with the ability to level up your tanks and crew.

But what makes World of Tanks different from most other games, MMORPG or otherwise, is that is works on a somewhat slower time-scale. A very fast gun takes 2 seconds to reload, a very slow one 20 seconds, and most guns somewhere in between. The speed with which you can turn your turret does not depend on the speed with which you can mouse-turn. In short: Sub-second reaction time and twitch skills aren't helping all that much in World of Tanks. Tactical thinking, and at a higher level strategic coordination with your team helps a lot more.

Being based on a different set of skills than other games attracts a different set of players. I just joined a clan and was surprised that while predominantly male like in every shooter, the average age was far higher. Lots of players are in their 40s, like me. World of Tanks is the one game in which a middle-aged guy isn't at a complete disadvantage against a teenager.

That different target audience has financial consequences. The middle-aged guy has a lot more disposable income than the teenager, and he long ago lost that youthful naivity about money somehow being an unfair advantage. The average revenue per user in a game full of middle-aged guys is significantly higher than in a game full of twitchy teenagers. It's like if you set up a showroom to sell cars: If that attracts only a lot of teenagers, your business is in trouble. The older customers might be a lot less visibly enthusiastic about your product, but they do have the moolah, and they aren't afraid to use it.

Video games have been around long enough that selling them to guys in their 40s isn't such a strange idea any more: They grew up with video games. But many developers haven't grasped the concept yet that an older audience might desire different features from a game than a younger one. Age not only slows down reflexes, it also makes you wiser about the "value" of virtual achievements. Time availability changes with age as well. But if a game takes all this into account, and is tailored to the needs of the middle-aged guy, it has the potential to be hugely profitable.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sim City and Simpsons are heading to facebook

As you might know in 2009 EA bought game company very famous from facebook, Playfish for 300 million bucks. It is not so long since EA announced that they want to focus on facebook games. It looks that the big money are only in "classic games" like big games as Starcraft 2 and so, but it is now qwell known fact that there are huge money in best facebook games. Why there are so much money in facebook games? Well, facebook has huge number of user and what is really surprising fact is that 20% of players in facebook pays REAL money for upgrades and such stuff in games. That is HUGE number and of course it means lot of money. EA knows that very well so they now announced that they going to release two games that will use really BIG names - Simpsons and Sim City.

We don't know almost anything about these games now, but it is almost sure that such games will be one of the best facebook games. The reason is really quite simple these are strong names, big company and potentially very big money so they will do the work to get the money. i have no idea what the Simpsons game might be about, but it is for sure that the Sim City will be great. There are already many and many games similar ti Sim City on facebook, but none of them is really great, if they do it right and game will be fun as the old good Sim City even by playing alone and not with so much "social playing" like the Sim City alike games on facebook now, they could have really extremely big amount of players. I have to adit that I really look forward to these games.

This wouldn't happen if game companies sold virtual items

In a weird way this week's news about Chinese prisoner being forced to farm gold in MMORPGs ties in with my previous post about buying virtual items in MMORPGs: If game companies don't sell virtual property, and the only way to get that virtual property is by hard, grinding labor, then a black market which basically sells that hard labor is going to evolve. Whether that is a prison camp or a sweatshop, in China or in some other part of the world, they all sell virtual labor for real money, because virtual labor is the only thing that counts in MMORPGs without an item shop.

A game which has the option to buy virtual goods directly from the game company destroys the business model of the sweatshop gold farmer. Unlike real labor producing real goods, virtual labor to farm virtual goods is based on the artificial scarcity of those virtual goods. As this scarcity isn't real, the game company has total control over the supply, and can always produce virtual items for cheaper than a gold farmer can farm them for. By having legal ways to buy virtual goods, the illegal and morally wrong ways to these goods are made obsolete.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MMORPGs are too cheap

The average American spends $58 per month on hobbies. The 90th percentile, which would be the kind of people with a college or higher degree and a good income, not the super-rich 99th percentile, spends $130 per month on hobbies. A dedicated stamp collector might spend $2000 to $4000 per year on his hobby. And in most hobbies the range of possible spending is wide, so a bicycling enthusiast might spend $400 for an okay bike, or $5000 for a top-of-the-line one.

Spending on hobbies is by definition "wasted". That's the point of having a hobby, a way to waste your time and money! While other people's hobbies tend to appear strange to us, we pursue our own hobbies with a lot of energy. In a world where less than half of employees are satisfied with their jobs, people who are more passionate about their hobbies than about their job aren't all that rare. Thus spending a considerable chunk of your disposable income on your hobby is pretty much normal.

In all this, MMORPGs as a hobby look somewhat strange: They are too cheap. Even if you buy a new game or expansion once a year, plus a monthly subscription, you end up with a lot of hours of entertainment for just $200 per year. Of course you could also count the cost of your PC and internet connection, but a game like World of Warcraft doesn't need a high-end PC, and you're likely to have internet in the house anyway.

Curiouser and curiouser, not only are MMORPGs very cheap, but there is a strong negative attitude towards even the *possibility* to pay more. People react with outrage if a game adds $10 mounts or $25 sparkly ponies. But fact is that there is a strong demand from players to be able to pay more for their MMORPG hobby. Which is why games that switch from a monthly subscription fee to a Free2Play model often significantly increase revenue. Some Free2Play games report average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) of $60 per month. Which is pretty much in line what the average American spends for his hobbies. Not counting the fact that MMORPGs are a somewhat geeky hobby which is more likely to attract those people with college degrees in the 90th percentile than those in the 10th.

Could you imagine a stamp collector complaining about another stamp collector having a better collection because the other guy spent more money, and demanding that spending on stamp collections should be limited? That sort of ridiculous notion only exists in MMORPGs. With MMORPGs being predominantly PvE, it is very hard to see how somebody elses purchase of a sparkly pony or "invite a friend from a different realm" feature has any negative effect on your own game experience. And even in a pure PvP game like World of Tanks it is possible to balance the game while selling $25 high-level tanks.

The whole argument against people spending money on MMORPGs has a whiff of communism: Everybody should be equal, and nobody should be allowed to stand out through money, even if he worked hard to get that money. Well, we all know what happened to communism. It is a doomed philosophy, because people work harder if they can earn money and spend that money in conspicuous consumption. It is time to bury MMORPG communism together with the real world equivalent. We need *more* ways to spend more money in MMORPG, we need luxury subscription options, and item shops in every game. A business model in which you reward unemployed basement-dwellers for playing all day while punishing hard-working family guys for having limited time to play available is simply not making business sense. If we want multi-million dollar quality games, we need to open up possibilities for game companies to earn those millions of dollars.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Building up worlds

Glitch is still in early beta, and thus open usually only during the weekends. Nevertheless I got far enough in the game to get a first taste of the "endgame", which in Glitch is somewhat unusual: You work together with other players to open up new zones in the world. Basically you need to find a greyed out "street" and look in one of the neighboring streets for a "project", which you access at the vendor. A project consists of several stages, in each of which you can contribute either specific items, or labor. Usually you need specific skills for that, which is why I call it the "endgame", it's something to do when you are already further advanced.

Once all phases of a project are finished, the street opens up, and the world has grown a bit. Everybody who participated gets some rewards, although only the top contributors get a really big reward and will be listed on the streets loading screen.

I find that concept really interesting. Although the new streets don't offer anything fundamentally different from the existing ones, players over time can open up whole new regions. And building up the world feels satisfying, even if it isn't exactly "player created content". Players only perform set tasks to open up developer created content. Nevertheless the idea is neat, and I could imagine some interesting applications of that in a fantasy MMORPG.

World of Tanks reaches "3 million players"

My apologies for the flood of posts, but somehow there are a lot of news this week. The game I am currently playing the most is World of Tanks, and they just announced "3 million players". Of course that number means absolutely nothing. The one thing the raving WoW-haters out there are good for is to constantly remind us that "a million players" means very little without looking at how much money each of these players pays. In the case of World of Tanks there are thus two major caveats: Only 1 million of these players are on European and North American servers, and of course WoT is Free2Play, thus the large majority of players pays absolutely nothing.

On the other hand the 3 million number actually appears to be underreported, as the other 2 million are said to be on "Russian servers". That leaves out the Chinese, where World of Tanks is distributed by KongZhong. And as luck will have it, KongZhong just published their Q1 2011 results, attributing a 53.3% increase of revenue to $6.3 million of the Internet Games business to "the strong initial performance of WoT or World of Tanks, which was launched commercially on March 15th." If a release mid-March can increase revenue for the whole quarter by two millions, and that in China, we can be pretty sure that World of Tanks is overall quite profitable.

And that isn't a surprise to people who play World of Tanks: WoT is an excellent game, the balance between what you can play for free and what you can get for paying is well done, and it is one of the most balanced and fairest PvP games I've ever seen. That is not to say that it can't be frustrating to end up with the weakest tank on the battlefield, with your shots bouncing off the armor of much heavier tanks. But you still get some experience points if your side loses horribly, and in the next battle you might be the strongest tank. Yesterday I played my tier V tank destroyer in two battles in series, losing horribly the first battle, and then having an incredible 7-kill win streak in the second. Getting 7 kills in a 15 vs. 15 battle means you killed nearly as many tanks as your 14 team mates together!

Not only does World of Tanks have those ups and downs, preventing you from becoming frustrated from permanently losing. It also offers weaker tanks in a battle the opportunity to do something useful, like "lighting up" the enemy for your artillery, and rewards you for these other activities. Yes, its hard to kill a heavier tank of a higher tier, but if you do you get a lot more xp than if you are in the bigger tank one-shotting the weaker ones.

One interesting development to further improve balance and fun for the more casual players is that Wargaming.net is working on a Clan Wars feature where powerful clans battle over a map of Europe. This removes the most powerful and organized players from the random battles, thus keeping them more balanced for the lesser mortals. Of course the downside of that is that if you don't have a very high tier tank, and strong committment, and are willing to install voice chat, you won't get an invite to a clan partipating in that Clan Wars. On the other hand that might just be as well, as the average player with a medium tier tank wouldn't last seconds in a hardcore clan battle.

So even as a not-so-hardcore player I am currently having a lot of fun in World of Tanks. There is a "double xp for your first victory" feature for every tank which helps people like me who rather play lots of different tanks with different roles instead of heading straight for the highest tier of a single tank type. And with the patches adding new maps and new tanks, I'm not yet growing bored of the game. Of course the combat being a lot more interesting than that of a MMORPG helps a lot here. So count me in among those "3 million players", and even among the minority who actually gives money to Wargaming.net.

Free2Play barbarians

Age of Conan is going Free2Play with a not-so-unusual "hybrid" business model in which you can choose whether you want to just play for free, or pay for things in the item shop, or become a "premium" subscriber. The most remarkable bit about this news is how very unremarkable announcements like this have become. The usual reaction is "What? They were *still* subscription based?". Right now the only game which actually would surprise people if it went Free2Play is World of Warcraft.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Judged by a jury of your peers

Riot Games sent out a press release to me and many game sites (and then curiously failed to post it on their own press release site) about launching their tribunal system for League of Legends. The tribunal is a system where reported cases of bad player behavior are being judged by a jury of other players, who take on the job of GMs to decide whether another player should receive a temporary ban as punishment. Jurors who vote with the majority (and thus are considered "reasonable") are even paid in influence points, the virtual currency of the game.

Player-controlled systems to weed out bad behavior is something that many people have been asking for. The reason why not more games have it is that previous implementations failed spectacularly, giving us for example The Sims Online mafia which extorted other players for money by threatening to blackball them. It is easy to see why a reputation point system would never work for example for solving the conflicts between tanks, healer, and dps in a World of Warcraft group: The dps would never admit that them pulling aggro or standing in the fire is not the tank's or healer's fault, and would just outvote them unless you gave the tank and healer 3 votes each.

Riot Games realized that the problem of most reputation systems is that the judgement is done by the people present at the scene, who are rarely impartial. Thus in the tribunal system the judgement is done by random strangers, who are provided complete chat logs and other relevant information to base their decision on. This much diminishes the chance of the jurors acting out of spite, or blackmailing the defendant.

I believe that their system has a chance to work much better than previous ideas because of the jurors not being the witnesses at the same time. The only flaw I can find in the system is that it is effectively asking players to perform a job for free which the company would otherwise have to pay GMs for. But as long as the players are more than willing to do so, and the response time for reporting bad behavior improves a lot due to that, the overall effect is probably positive. What do you think?

Auto Hustle - one of the best facebook games

It does not happen very often, in fact it does happen almost never. There is huge number of games on facebook and truth is that vast majority of these games sucks and even those famous ones. Well, today I have for you one game that does not suck at all and in fact it is in my opinion one of the best facebook games ever. Really, I'm not kidding, this game really is that good. Name of this game is Auto Hustle and on the first sight you can see that it is really different from other facebook games, this game has really very good graphics (for facebook game).
What you can also see on the first sight on this game is that it looks very much like GTA( the first two episodes). GTA was one of absolutely favorite games and that is the reason of course why I think that Auto Hustle is one of the best facebook games, it is because this game is so much like GTA and the fact it is on facebook makes this game even better.
Yes you are right that there is not big invention in making GTA for facebook, but I'm really happy that finally we have GTA on facebook.
so what more to write about Auto Hustle? I really don't know, because probably everyone knows GTA. You have apartment, you have jobs to be done, you are criminal, you shoot people ride in cars and all that is very very big fun. Isn't that really great? Of course it is great, so I'm not going to write a review about GTA, because everyone knows it and Auto Hustle really is pretty much GTA for facebook so just go find and play it. I'm sure you really don't wanna miss one of the best facebook games.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Superior marketing

I am seriously impressed with Trion. Every MMORPG company I know is offering free server transfers from high-population servers to low-population servers. Only Rift manages to announce this exact same feature, a move to "select shards", and get widely praised for revolutionizing the MMORPG business model with free server transfers. Kudos! Well done, Trion!


I find people who wish that other players have a worse experience in a game than they do pathetic.

Removing the cap

Sven from Fail Pug has an interesting idea: What if World of Warcraft would remove the cap of how many people could enter a raid instance? Basically this solution would make the difficulty level of raids adjustable. Can't beat the dungeon with 10 people? Well, bring 20! And as Sven mentioned, you could even use very different tactics, for example zerging a boss without using a tank.

I'm very much a fan of variable difficulty levels, because it allows everybody access to the same content, instead of having a shard division between the leet and the noobs. Everybody could organize a "tourist raid", if he just got enough players together. Best of all, the risk-reward-ratio is self-adjusting: If the amount of epics that drop is constant, bringing more players diminishes the rewards per player. What do you think?

Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free games from Sony

Sony is giving me a whole new perspective on Free2Play games by offering me tons of games for free. And I mean *really* for free, not with an item shop attached. To "compensate" my non-existing suffering from the recent outage, and for having subscribed to various SOE games over the last decade, I received a free 45-day subscription to all of them: EQ, EQ2, SWG, Vanguard, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Free Realms, everything. But as Nils mentioned in the recent thread about cheaper MMORPGs, price isn't necessarily a determining factor in choosing which game one plays or doesn't play. Even for free I can't even be bothered to download and installed these SOE games. I'm currently in a phase where I can't stand questerrand-based games with hotkey-based combat, and that pretty much eliminates 90% of the MMORPGs out there.

Nevertheless I'd like to thank Sony for their generosity. Because I do own a PS3 and PSP, and the fake data I gave them were stolen, I will get two free games for each of these platforms when the Playstation Store comes back up, presumably this week. I looked at some reviews and decided to take LittleBigPlanet for both platforms, as well as Infamous for the PS3, and Killzone Liberation for the PSP. The other games on the list were mostly racing games, and I don't like those. The advantage of the free PS3/PSP games over the free subscription for SOE games is that I can download the console games now and play them much later; the SOE games I would have to play right now or never.

Overall I suffered no damages from the Sony hack, and got some free games, so I don't bear any ill will against them. The whole issue revolves around whether Sony "sufficiently" protected their network and their users data, and given just lots of rumours and having little technical knowledge in that area I simply can't say whether Sony is the villain or the victim in this story.

Time vs. Money

If somebody who had never played World of Warcraft before were to buy an account with a max-level character equipped with the best possible gear, he still wouldn't be any good as a raider, because he would be lacking the skill. This example is widely used to show how getting a strong character by playing is good, while getting a strong character with real money is bad. Unfortunately the example is completely spurious: Somebody who had never played World of Warcraft before would feel no desire at all to buy an account with a maxed out character. The reality looks very different, and the moral questions aren't quite as black and white as some people would like.

By playing a game you get better at it. Somebody who played a lot more chess than me is probably better than me at chess, and very likely to beat me. But then my pawns haven't been upgraded with the Sword of Uberness or a Kalashnikov. In games with any sort of "character development", your overall power is a mix of skill and stats. The most skillful level 1 WoW character still can't harm the least skillful level 85 character in PvP. By how much exactly skill can make up for lack of stats depends on the game, but clearly skill isn't everything. Furthermore the learning of skills is very much a matter of diminishing returns: A few hours of play easily get you to 80%+ of the skill of a true master in most games, especially MMORPGs. In most games it takes considerably longer to get your character to maximum stats than it takes to get to a really good skill level.

When I last wrote about World of Tanks I mentioned that you could buy level V tanks for $5, but that this wasn't a very good option, because those tanks aren't very good. Meanwhile WoT has been patched to v0.6.4, and now you can buy level VIII tanks for $25. I still don't plan to buy any of these, and they still have the disadvantage that they are outside the tech tree, and can't be upgraded. But a n00b with a level VIII heavy tank has a very good chance of beating me (or even a more skilled player than me) in my level V Russian KV heavy tank I got from working my way up from the bottom.

Now World of Tanks players suffer from the same sort of jealousies than the players of other games and thus tend to dismiss people in these bought tanks as bad players. But again it is unlikely that somebody who never played World of Tanks before would feel any desire to buy a $25 tank before knowing whether he actually likes the game. And I can very much imagine somebody like me, having played WoT for 50+ hours and having played up to the first heavy tank in the regular way looking at 100+ hours it would take to get from there to a level VIII tank and deciding to take a $25 shortcut to there instead. That would probably still make him less skilled than somebody who put in those 100+ hours with heavy tanks to get to level VIII, but not by much. And if we are brutally honest for a second, we all know that in any MMORPG or other game with levels you can always find a way to "grind up" to a higher level without necessarily getting more skilled in the process. As much as we would like our level/gear/stats to be an reflection of our superior skills, in reality we are very well aware that this is at best a flawed image. We might not want to admit that about ourselves, but as soon as somebody else claims he is better than us because he has for example a higher gearscore, we immediately dismiss that notion as ridiculous.

So if time spent in game isn't really all that related to skill, is it really so bad to have the option to advance faster by paying real money? I didn't buy any tanks, but by taking the "subscription" option for about $8.50 for a month I'm advancing 50% faster than somebody not paying. I would need to seriously split hairs to argue that this is morally superior to buying a level VIII tank. I just decided to not skip ahead because I find leveling up to be fun (which appears to be a strange idea to many players in many games). Whether you get to a high-level tank or character with time or with money is ultimately no difference at all.

I would like World of Warcraft to have the option of buying level 85 characters with full iLevel 333 blue gear (the stuff you get from normal dungeons). Not because I necessarily would like to buy one. But because I feel Blizzard has tuned the leveling speed to a compromise between those players who level for fun, and those players who want to get to the "real game" at the level cap as fast as possible, and ended up making both groups unhappy. If players were able to skip ahead for $25, the leveling speed could be cut in half and be a lot more appropriate for people who enjoy that sort of leveling content. There will always be people complaining about the ability to buy your way up to the top, but behind all that acting morally superior there is often the simple fact that they just can't afford the money alternative. If your main advantage in a game is that you can spend a lot more time in it than the next guy, you don't want him to have the option of advancing by an alternate route.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Software Pengungkap Foto Palsu

Nirwana Sitoeking : Manipulasi foto mungkin telah di lakukan orang sejak munculnya fotografi itu sendiri. Photoshop merupakan salah satu Program image editing Photoshop yang popular di gunakan untuk keperluan tersebut. Bagi anda yang ingin mengetahui apakah sebuah foto adalah foto asli dari kamera atau atau foto yang telah dimodifikasi, dapat menggunakan program penganalisis Foto JPEGsnoop. Program ini menganalisis beberapa parameter kompresi yang ada dalam setiap header file JPEG. Parameter ini bervariasi, tergantung kamera atau software yang di gunakan. - ( Baca Juga : Software pelacak lagu cerdas  )
  1. Buka sebuah  foto dalam JPEGsnoop untuk menampilkan semua data yang di temukan secara rinci. Informasi seperti apakah foto telah di edit dan dengan editor apa foto tersebut telah dip roses dapat anda temukan di bagian akhir dengan label “searching Compression Signatur”.
  2. JPEGsnoop memiliki sebuah database lengkap berisi berbagai model kamera. Anda pun dapat menambahkan model kamera tertentu yang belum ada pada database nya. Load sebuah foto yang di buat dengan kamera tersebut ke dalam program dan pilih “Add Camera/SW to DB”.
  3. Program ini pun dapat menganalisis AVI bila memakai format MJPEG untuk itu, pilih “File | Open Image” Dan ganti “File Type” ke “AVI”.
  4. Klik pada “”Tools | Image Search FWD” Selesai.

    Software pelacak lagu cerdas

    Nirwana Sitoeking : mencari suatu lagu dalam Ribuan Koleksi Music tentulah tidak mudah. Mufin music finder bisa membantu anda mengelola MP3 dan membuat playlist dari lagu lagu seirama. Software ini memakai engine dari institute Fraunhoter sebagai “ sidik jari digital “ pada setiap lagu untuk melakukan pengelolaan koleksi lagu. Identifikasi di lakukan berdasarkan kemiripan ritme, kecepatan, dan instrument yang di gunakan. Untuk penggunaan lebih lanjut (setelah 7 hari), anda perlu melakukan registrasi di website magix untuk mendapatkan activation code (di kirim melalui e-mail). - ( Baca Juga : Tips Membeli Atau Memilih Netbook )
    Ada beberapa tips untuk menjalankan software yang satu ini :
    • Tandai sebuah lagu dalam daftar dan klik “ Find Similar Tracks “ untuk membuat sebuah playlist.
    • Lagu lagu dalam playlist tersebut dapat anda bakar ke CD atau di copy ke player portable.
    • Saat meng copy lagu ke Player Portable, muffin menggunakan format MP3 standar (128bit) sebagai output nya, untuk output atau format yang lebih baik (jika di dukung oleh playernya), ganti konfigurasi encorder muffin melalui “ File | Options | Portable Players | format settings “. Selesai
    • Untuk mendapatkan software ini silahkan saja kunjungi  http://www.mufin.com/
    Selamat mencoba software pelacak lagu cerdas
    perihal: Nirwana | Tutorial Desain Grafis Dan Game (lihat di Google Wikipinggir)

    Tips Membeli Atau Memilih Netbook

    Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik
    Nirwana Sitoeking : Beberapa hal penting yang harus di perhatikan sebelum anda Membeli Atau Memilih "Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik"
    Berat dan dimensi 
    • Pastikan sesuai dengan keinginan anda. Dimensi dan berat rata rata tidak mempunyai perbedaan berat yang tidak terlalu jauh satu dengan lainnya.
    Layar LCD
    • Biarkan mata anda yang memilih dan cobalah untuk melihatnya beberapa saat. Biasanya netbook memiliki layar terbesar 10.2 inci. Ada yang di bawah 10.2 inci. Tetapi itu tidak memangkas dimensi netbook karena hanya layarnya yang mengecil tidak dimensi atau bingkai di pinggirnya.
    Keyboard  dan Tuts
    • Sesuaikan dengan ukuran tangan anda. Cobalah mengetik untuk beberapa saat. Bila anda merasa jarak tngan terlalu dekat dan membuat anda pegal, maka lupakan netbook ini dan mulai mencari lagi netbook yang lain.
    • Usahakan mendapat baterai dengan kapasitas besar karena pasti akan berguna untuk pemakaian di luar ruangan. Daya baterai yang besar akan menambah beban bawaan anda hanya beberapa gram saja.
    • Pastikan sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda. Seperti, jumlah port USB 2.0, Eternet LAN, D-sub, Bluetooth, Webcam, Modem 3G, Exspress card dan lain sebagainya.
    Operasi system (Os)
    • Ada  baiknya anda memilih yang sudah di lengkapi dengan Os Legal, karena akan mempermudah bila harus meng update online dan bepergian keluar negeri. Lebih baik lagi bila netbook mempunyai system recovery yang terdapat di dalam harddisk mengingat Netbook tidak di lengkapi dengan Optical Drive.
    • Pastikan netbook yang anda beli mempunyai garansi resmi. Hal ini akan mempermudah and bila terjadi kerusakan.
    - ( Baca Juga : Tips Update software yang tepat )
    Semoga bermanfaat  Tips Membeli Atau Memilih Netbook ( nirwana )
      Artikel Notebook Lainnya Yang Mungkin Ingin Anda Baca :

      Tips Update software yang tepat

      Nirwana Sitoeking : Tidak semua software versi baru dan tools update merugikan. Update berikut ini perlu anda perhatikan, untuk Melindungi System dan menjaganya Tetap Update.

      Pembersihan BUG
      Setiap software yang berisi BUG beresiko terhadap computer. Oleh karena itu, semakin penting untuk mencari patch baru secara teratur dan meng install nya. Banyak program menawarkan update berkala, agar anda tidak ketinggalan update, gunakan software updatestar untuk mengawasi semua software dan menjaganya tetap update. - ( Baca Juga : Layanan microblog bisa di akses lewat beragam media )

      Software keamanan
      Agar software antivirus tetap optimal dalam menjalankan fungsinya, antivirus ini harus selalu update. Soalnya setiap hari beredar malware baru di internet yang mudah menyusup melalui file signatur. Biasanya antivirus menawarkan update otomatis yang sebaiknya anda aktifkan. Upgrade software juga berguna apabila produsen mengembangkan scanning yang baru.

      Mengganti system operasi
      Sebuah system operasi biasanya juga membutuhkan program Upgrade, misalnya migrasi dari XP ke Vista. Soalnya banyak software baru yang tidak kompatibel dengan kernel atau system file lama. Namun hal ini terkadang membutuhkan hardware baru karena komponen PC lama terlalu lemah untuk system operasi baru.

      Teknik baru
      Keping Blu-ray atau HD-DVD membutuhkan hardware baru seperti drive, graphic card dan monitor yang kompatibel. Hal yang sama berlaku bagi software, soalnya codec baru biasanya tidak dapat di integrasikan ke dalam software yang lama. Bagi pengguna yang  tidak ingin ketinggalan mau tidak mau harus meng upgrade komputernya.

      Software bisnis
      Software pajak dan pembukuan harus selalu di update setiap tahun. Hal ini di lakukan untuk menyesuaikan dengan perubahan undang undang yang berlaku.

      Layanan microblog bisa di akses lewat beragam media

      Nirwana Sitoeking : Anda tahu twitter termasuk website layanan microblogMicroblog bisa di katakan sebagai bentuk ringkas dari blog.jika dalam blog anda curhat panjang lebar tentang segala hal, di website microblog , anda bisa mengirim curhat singkat, maksimal 140 karakter, curhat ini biasanya berupa keterangan singkat mengenai kegiatan yang sedang di lakukan atau perasaan anda. Di website microblog anda pun dapat meng upload file seperti poto atau klip audio ,namun yang berukuran mungil  istilahnya micromedia. - ( Baca Juga : Keuntungan Program Portable )

      Meski dari ukuran konten microblog berbeda dengan blog umum, namun tujuan penggunaannya tetap sama. Microblog pun bisa jadi sarana curhat, bertukar kabar dan jadi promosi bisnis. Misalnya untuk berbagi info tentang produk dan layana perusahaan. Curhat berupa teks,poto atau klip audio ini bisa anda atur untuk dilihat oleh siapa saja, atau hanya orang tertentu. Layanan microblog ini bisa di akses lewat beragam media. Bisa lewat email, ponsel, atau web.

      Dengan makin banyaknya orang yang mendaftarkan diri pada layana microblog, makin besar pula kemungkinan jumlah orang yang mengikuti halaman microblog anda. Agar kegiatan mocroblogging anda tetap nyaman, berhati hatilah dalam membuat tulisan. Bersikaplah jujur , tanpa menyakiti orang lain atau mempermalukan diri anda sendiri.

      Manfaatkan layanan ini mencari informasi yang berguna bagi diri anda , juga untuk mencari teman lama dan kenalan baru. Umumnya website microblog menyediakan feature pencarian. Misalnya di twitter, facebook, friendster pencarian teman bisa di lakukan lewat halaman search. 

      Keuntungan Program Portable

      Nirwana Sitoeking : Salah satu Keuntungan ProgramPortable adalah tidak mengotori registry, tidak membebani system, dan dapat langsung di jalankan dari USB Flash drive {UFD}. Kini hampir semua program  dapat di buat portable dengan JountePE. Pertama jalankan rutin setup program agar  JountePE memeriksa entri entri registry mana yang dibuat dan mentransfernya ke sebuah file registry file portable. Apabila sebuah program ingin mengakses jauh ke dalam sitem  saat di install anda harus melakukan settings extra melalui panduan 12 langkah dalam file redmenya .
      Adapun cara settingnya seperti ini :
      • Cara termudah  mengaktifkan modus one click “JPE Quickie” {dalam windows Utama} dengan mengklik icon wizard nya .
      • Pada tab “Quickie” pilih “ select application” untuk  memulai  proses.
      • Program²  portabel yang di buat oleh JountePE biasanya bermasalah bila di jalankan dari desktop , folder, “my Documents” atau folder program files .
      oleh karena itu anda di sarankan untuk langsung menyimpan Program Portabel tersebut pada sebuah USB Flash Drive
      untuk mendapatkan jountePE nya anda bisa langsung download dari situs resminya klik saja disini {freeware}. - ( Baca Juga : Memenangkan Balapan Dengan Berbagai Cara )

      Memenangkan Balapan Dengan Berbagai Cara

      Nirwana Sitoeking : Sudah cukup banyak Game berjenis Balap yang ada hingga saat ini. Meski di susut ke dalam cakupan yang lebih sempit (freeware), teteap saja game jenis ini tidak terbilang jumblahnya. Namun di antara itu semua hanya sedikit yang menampilkan tingkat keseruan dan ketegangan yang tingi. Nah, salah satu Game Balap Gratis yang bisa kamu coba adalah Ofrroad Racers.
      Secara keseluruhan,game ini menyertakan 8 jenis mobil dengan berbagai kelebihan dan kekurangan yang terdiri dari jenis monster truck, rally car, pickup, dan bugie. Ada 18 lintasan yang akan terbuka satu persatu tiap kamu memenangi perlombaan.
      Layaknya game balap kebanyakan, kendaraan dikendalikan oleh tombol panah (atas, bawah, kiri dan kanan). Sebagai tambahan, disediakan pula mode turbo yangakan membuat kendaraan kamumakin melaju kencang.

      4 mode
      Ada 4 mode jenis balap yang bisa kamu pilih: contest, time attack, cicurit race, dan elimination race. Contest bisa kamu pilih jika ingin mengikuti skenario balap yang ada. Dimulai dari lintasan pertama, nantinya akan berlanjut jikakamu telah melewatinya dengan berada minimal daurutan ketiga. Jika memilih time attack, kamu mesti melewati tiap check-poin sebelum waktu nyang telah di tetap kan berakhir, kamu bisa mencatat waktu rekor terbaik yang bisa dijadikan acuan untuk memenangi balap berikutnya.

      Cicurit race
      Bisa kamu pilih jika ingin mengikuti perlombaan secara acak. Di sinikamu dapat memilih lintasan tida bisa terbuka sebelum kamu mengikuti pilihan contest dan memenangkannya. Bagi yang ingin meningkatkan ketegangan, silahkan pilih mode elimination race.

      Curang atau jujur
      Kamu bisa memenangkan balapan dengan berbagai cara, bisa dengan cara jujur atau curang,. Jika ingin jujur, kamu ditungtut untuk pintar – pintar mengendalikan kendaraan agar stabil dan melaju tampa hambatan. Sedangkan ingin sedikit licik, kamu bisa coba menghambat lawan dengan cara menabrakan kendaraan agar mobil mereka akan keluar jalur atau hingga hancur berantakan.
      Tiap kendaraan dilengkapi dengan mode turbo guna mendorong lajunya  lebih kencang. Namun hati-hati, karena jika kamu terus menerus menggunakannya, mesin akan panas yang nantinya dapat meledaka kendaraan kamu.- ( Baca Juga : Medal Of Honor Memang Dahsyat  )

      Medal Of Honor Memang Dahsyat

      Medal of HonorMedal of honor AS vs Taliban memang dahsyat. Game yang satu ini seakan mengajak anda berada di tengah tengah pertempuran yang sesungguhnya. Kelebatan peluru, ledakan ledakan bom, hingga musuh yang datang tidak ada habis habisnya dipadu dengan visual yang cantik dan animasi 3D yang mulus menawarkan ketegangan sekaligus keseruan.
      Uniknya game yang terdiri dari mode single player (campaign) dan multiplayer ini di kembangkan oleh dua pihak  EA Los Angeles khusus membuat game solonya. Sedangkan EA Digital illusions CE mengembangkan game multiplayer nya. Kedua mode game itu pun menggunakan game engine yang berbeda.
      Game ini memang sengaja dibuat dengan tampilan serealistik mungkin. Bahkan rumornya EA mengontrak konsultan dari kalangan militer AS untuk membuat desain dan lingkungan game supaya mirip aslinya.

      Alkisah game di muali
      ketika pihak AS berniat menginvansi Afganistan setelah kejadian 11 september. Kamu akan bermain sebagai prajurit dari pasukan DEVGRU berkode nama “ RABBIT” selain itu, kamu juga dapat memilih posisi sebagai sniper dengan kode nama “DEUCE”, Army Rangger Specialist bernama Dante Adams, atau penembak jitu helicopter AH-64 Apache bernama Brad “Hawk” Hawkins.
      Misi dalam mode single player ini mirip misi militer sesungguhnya, mulai dari memburu teroris, menyelamatkan sandera, hingga operasi penyamaran. Misi utamanya jelas menghabisi semua pasukan Taliban yang di temui.
      Pertempuran di area terbuka akan menuntut kamu untuk terus waspada dan juga jitu menembak . jika trluka atau tertembak lawan cipratan darah akan menutupi sudut pandangmu. Area pertempuran bervariasi mulai dari reruntuhan puing puing perumahan hingga padang luas. Sayang  permainan single playernya cukup singkat. (Nirwana Sitoeking)
      - ( Baca Juga :  Mau Punya Tato Di Tubuh )

      Friday, May 20, 2011


      Even I have not been here for a while, because I really have almost no time, my search for the best facebook games of course still continues. One of the biggest hits this year on facebook is CityVille and if you play games on facebook, then you know very well that this game really is among the best and it is absolutely all right.
      In 1990s Sim City was really great success and especially Sim City 2000 probably remembers everyone who likes this kind of games. Well, now we live in times where we have much less time then we had in the 90' and that is one of the reasons why casual gaming is so popular. What is the best place for casual gaming now? If you gues that it is facebook and that you find the best casual games there, then of course you are absolutely right. So let's take a look at this CityVille.

      There are already few games similar to Sim City on facebook and of those the very best is without any doubt Social City, but I think that CityVille is even better and in this short review I will tell you why I think this.

      Concept of CityVille is really very simple, it is combination of Sim City and Farmville, you add few more things and what you get is CityVille. It really is that simple. So what it is all about?

      CityVille is of course all about building a city and everyone who plays computer games when you are building a city you really don't want to have some small village or calm town, or no, everyone wants huge megapolis and the bigger the city is the better. In this game you have few kinds of buildings and of course most important are residential buildings and business buildings. If you want to have to build buildings you need money and that is the reason why you need business buildings. Business buildings needs customers and that is the reason why you build residential buildings. Well of course there is no city in the world that has only residential buildings and business buildings, if you want to have functional city, you need much more. that is the reason why in this game you have also other buildings like police, parks, town hall - these are called community buildings and are also very important. You just have to build everything what thriving city needs and you can be sure that there is lot of stuff what city needs to run smoothly. When it does you can expand and upgrade your city. When all this in game works perfectly together and it is real fun you get one of the best facebook games.

      What is really good about CityVille and other Zynga games and what is something I really miss in other games is that you have quests in Zynga games and that is what makes them one of the best on facebook. Of course CityVille is no different so there will always be enough goals to achieve and enough quests to be done, which is always great and makes the game much better and much bigger fun to play. In games you simply always have to have reason why to play and that reason is moving forward.

      Well, there are of course also really bad things about CityVille. As many and many games on facebook, even this one was created like game you just have to play with friends unless it is much harder, everything you want to achieve is slower and so on. I'm sure that you know it from other facebook games, these games are just forcing you to play with other people, because it is the best way for creators of these games to get new players. I really don't like this and CityVille is in this one of the worst cases, it is simply very hard to play it alone if want.

      Well, there are a lot of things you can do in this game I have forgot to write here, but I'm sure you will find for yourself. This game is not perfect, but certainly woth playing, so go and give it a try, because it really is one of the best games on facebook now.

      Rating: 8/10

      Wednesday, May 18, 2011

      Has the MMO-lite model failed?

      Atari announced they are ditching Cryptic Studios, maker of City of Heroes/Villains, Champions Online, and Star Trek Online, with Neverwinter in development. Cryptic has a rather peculiar business model, producing MMORPGs which have considerably less features than classic MMORPGs, but offer other genres than just fantasy. Apparently that wasn't a financial success, so Atari is looking to sell the studio they bought just two-and-a-half years ago.

      That makes me wonder whether the feature-lite MMO is really viable at all. Measured by cost per hour of entertainment, MMORPGs aren't all that expensive even in their full-featured version. And there are some "WoW clones" out there which offer nearly the same amount of features as World of Warcraft and are free to play. So unlike other businesses, for example cars where a low-cost car with few features makes sense, a MMO-lite doesn't really appear to have a viable place in the market.

      What do you think?

      Premium Dungeon Finder

      Blizzard apparently announced a package of premium features, that is World of Warcraft features you can get by paying extra, which includes a cross-realm Dungeon Finder functionality with which you can invite RealID friends from other servers. I think the marketing department failed to do the proper research on this one: Most of my commenters would rather pay extra for their Dungeon Finder to be *not* cross-realm, but limited to their own server. Missed opportunity, Blizzard, missed opportunity. You could even have charged both groups extra!

      Mau Punya Tato Di Tubuh

      Nirwana Sitoeking : Mau Punya Tato Di Tubuh? sebelum dibuat betulan, kamu bisa membuat simulasinya dulu dengan photoshop apakah cocok untuk tubuh kamu atau tidak. Caranya begini:
      1. Siapakah Foto kamu yang bagian tubuhnya ingin ditato.
      2. Siapakah desain tato yang ingin kamu pasang dengan latar belakang putih.
      3. Setelah itu buka kedua Gambar dengan Adobe Photoshop.
      4. Gabungkan kedua gambar menjadi satu dengan move tool. seret Gambar Tato ke foto dirimu.
      5. Gunakan Selection tool untuk menyeleksi bagian yang akan ditato.
      6. Setelah Menyeleksi bagian yang akan ditato, gunakan Inverse untuk membalikan seleksi ke luar daerah yang ditato.
      7. kemudian pindah ke Layer yang berisi Gambar Tato dan tekan tombol DEL pada keyboard.
      8. Hapus daerah-daerah putih yang masih melekat pada bagian tubuh dengan menggunakan Magic Erase Tool.
       - ( Baca Juga :  Cara Mudah Buat Frame Foto  )

      Tuesday, May 17, 2011


      Consider for a moment some of the actions we regularly do in a MMORPG, and compare how much time they take in the virtual world, and how much time they would take if that world was real. It is easy to see that MMORPGs work on an accelerated timescale: Traveling by boat from one continent to the next takes only minutes. So does crossing a continent on foot. A feast takes 30 seconds. That accelerated timescale is a design decision based on the realities of players' available time: Most players only play a few hours per day. But like all design decisions, this has consequences.

      One of these consequences is that wars in MMORPGs are often getting quite silly, especially if the developers try to depict any sort of territorial conquest. If you only have 2 hours a day to play, you don't want to spend those 2 hours guarding a keep on the off chance that some invaders stop by. And the other 22 hours you aren't available for defense anyway. So instead of conquering and holding territories, there is a merry back and forth, with both sides attacking whatever point isn't defended. And even the weakest faction can always take a keep by attacking at 3 am, when there will only be NPCs to defend it. Not to mention that in many cases attacking is better rewarded than defending, so the two sides engage in win-trading instead of warfare.

      And it's not only MMORPGs, but many other forms of online strategy games which suffer from the same problem: You get attacked while offline, and you attack when online. I don't know any game which has a realistic looking war of territorial conquest in a massively multiplayer online world.

      One interesting discovery this year was playing Minethings, and seeing that games which a much slower pace are actually possible. If you move from one city to the next in Minethings, it takes hours, even a day if your transport is slow. And I was wondering if that much slower pace wouldn't result in much better strategy games of territorial conquest. Imagine you control an army which moves at the speed of an actual army on a continent the size of an actual continent. And lots of other players also controlled little armies, divided into several factions. Because the pace of the game would be very slow, it wouldn't really matter how many hours per day you are offline. The outcome of combat would be determined based on the strength of the armies encountering each other, geography, and strategies set up in advance by the players, and wouldn't change whether the players are online or offline. In such a game you could have meaningful territorial conquest. Players could communicate by in-game mail as well as chat, and try to arrange great strategies together.

      The fast-paced action of modern games is good for many types of gameplay. But I do think that strategy games would profit from being made a lot slower. If you play a game for several months anyway, then why not slow the game down to a pace which avoids being impacted by players' online hours?

      Monday, May 16, 2011


      One thing MMORPG players have surprisingly little difficulty with is cognitive dissonance: Most have no problem whatsoever to hold two or more conflicting ideas in their head. This shows up very well in the recent discussion in the blogosphere about quests: Complaining that World of Warcraft ruined the MMORPG genre by introducing a heavy reliance of gameplay on quests does not change the complainers opinion that WoW didn't innovate at all and is just a well-made clone of previous MMORPGs.

      The truth is that World of Warcraft is considerably more innovative than most players give it credit for. And a lot of that innovation is in the area of quests. In spite of the name, players didn't "quest" in Everquest, and Ultima Online didn't have any quests at all, except for one gameplay element you might call an escort quest.

      Now the people who dislike quests claim that without quests player would have infinite freedom to explore the world in whatever way they like. That is a noble sentiment, with absolutely no base in reality. Whether there are quests in a game or not, most players just want to advance in the fastest possible way. In a game with quests, the added reward for finishing the quest makes feasible to move around, follow the quests instructions to find and kill certain mobs, and then return to the quest hub for the next quest. Players end up visiting every corner of a zone, as long as all of those corners are covered by quests. In a game without quests, there is no incentive to move around. You gain experience points by killing mobs. And somewhere there is always a spot where killing mobs is slightly easier or more comfortable than elsewhere. The knowledge of those spots travels quickly, and then people set up camps in these spots and kill the same mobs over and over, without ever moving. That is the reason why EQ was also known as "Evercamp".

      Now it is totally possible to solve that problem without the use of quests. But simply removing quests from MMORPGs will not lead to enjoyable games, but would be a step backward to static camps. Before you can remove quests from MMORPGs, you need to come up with another solution of how to keep players moving. My favorite solution would be replacing static spawns by dynamic spawns: If too many players kill wolves in the forest, those wolves will respawn slower and slower, until camping that spot becomes unprofitable. Another possible, and more individual solution would be diminishing returns: The 10th wolf simply gives significantly less xp than the first one.

      Thus yes, quests can be improved upon or removed from MMORPGs altogether. Just don't claim than introducing permanently quest-guided gameplay wasn't a major change in the industry, or that you could remove quests without replacing them by something else.

      How to slow down leveling

      My wife is a casual World of Warcraft player. She doesn't participate in any form of group content, neither dungeons, nor raids, nor PvP. In consequence there isn't much to do for her in the "endgame" besides daily quests, and thus she has tons of alts and spends most of her time leveling. And since Cataclysm, she isn't all that happy about her leveling speed: It goes too fast.

      The problem is a design philosophy of Blizzard, who apparently decided to keep the overall leveling time up to the level cap more or less constant. So every time they add levels on top of the game, they need to make the lower levels faster by the same amount of time. Three expansions after vanilla this has led to downright silly leveling speed under 60. Thus if you are a casual player, and want to play through the quests of a zone, it is kind of annoying if you outlevel the quests before finishing them.

      Thus me and my wife worked out how we could slow down her leveling speed to a more pleasurable pace. Now the first point would be to remove heirloom items that give xp bonuses, but my wife hasn't got any of those. The second strategy is deliberately logging off outside of cities and inns, so as to get less rest xp bonus. But ultimately the only thing that really works well is paying 10 gold to stop all xp gain. There is an NPC in the main city's PvP building which allows that. Stop gaining xp, play until the level of the quests and mobs rises higher than yours, then turn on xp gain again for another 10 gold.

      This works, but in the end I still think that Blizzard has a design problem here. The needs of the players who think that the game begins at the level cap, and who want to level as fast as possible, clash with the needs of the casual players who want to have fun while questing and leveling. Leveling from 1 to 60 feels like watching a movie in fast forward, not a good speed if you are actually interested in enjoying the content. Sometimes I think it would be better to slow down leveling back to vanilla WoW speed, and simply sell people level 85 characters with BiS blue gear from normal dungeons for $20 if they desire to skip the leveling part.

      Sunday, May 15, 2011

      Cara Mudah Buat Frame Foto

      Nirwana Sitoeking : Dengan fasilitas Frame Foto di Fireworks kita bisa membuat Frame foto dengan mudah. Untuk memulai, siapkan koleksi foto atau gambar yang akan diberi bingkai, lalu ikuti langkah - langkah berikut:
      1. pilih " File>New". Atur ukuran dan warna kanvas,lalu klik "Ok".
      2. Buka File gambar lewat "File>Open". sesuaikan ukurannya agar  proporsional dengan ukuran kanvas.
      3. Klik Kanan gambar tersebut, lalu pilih "Edit > Copi" dari context menu.Tempelkan gambar pada bidang kanvas dengan memilih "edit > paste".
      4. jika masih ada gambar lain yang masih akan diletakan, ulangi langkah 2 dan 3 diatas. Secara otomatis gambar-gambar tadi akan menepati sebuah layer.kamu masih bisa menyuting per bagian gambar dengan editing tools yang terletak di object panel.
      5. atur posisi gambar dengan menggeser pointer mouse sampai letaknya proporsional dengan bidang kanfas. untuk menghindari perubahan tata letak. lakukan grouping pada objek. Klik masing-masing gambar sambil menekan tombol "shift", kemudian Klik kanan dan pilih "group" dari context menu.
      6. selanjutnya pilih menu "Commands > Creative >Add Picture Frame". model bingkai dari menu select a patren dan tentukan ukuranya dengan kotak Frame Size.
      7. kini gambar kamu telah diberi bingkai. simpanlah dalam format PNG (Portable Network Graphics) jika sewaktu-waktu kamu memerlukan edit ulang.
      8. Untuk memodifikasi model bingkai, buka gembok kunci yang ada di jendela layer mengklik tombol mouse sampai gambar berubah menjadi ikon pensil. Klik pada bingkai, lalu gunakan tools effect yang ada di jendela properties. setelah selesai, klik ikon pensil tadi untuk menguncinya kembali. untuk menyimpan gambar dalam Format JPG, klik kotak default export options yang ada dibawah tombol kanvas, lalu pilih"File>Export".
      - ( Baca  Juga :  Aneka Ragam Aplikasi Penyunting Foto Online )
        Selamat Mencoba Cara Mudah Buat Frame Foto!!!!!

        Saturday, May 14, 2011

        Aneka Ragam Aplikasi Penyunting Foto Online

        Nirwana Sitoeking : Memanfaatkan Aplikasi Penyunting Foto Online.) Masing-masing hadir dengan kelebihan dan kekurangannya masing-masing. Situs yang gratis umumnya sudah memberikan fasilitas yang lebih dari cukup jika sekedar untuk memperbaiki foto. Sementara yang berbayar biasanya menyediakan media penyimpanan lebih banyak buat yang ingin menyimpan foto-fotonya di internet plus tambahan fitur suntingan seperti efek dan template.

        Buat yang mau menyunting file gambar ukuran besar, Situs seperti photoflexr, phixr, phoenik dan plixr adalah empat situs yang tidak membatasi besaran file unggahan. ketika kamu meras koneksi internet di rumah, warnet atau kantor sangat cepat maka pilihlah satu dari empat tadi. Tapi ingat file besar biasanya berbanding lurus dengan resolusi gambar yang besar pula. Makanya pada saat punya file beresolusi tinggi perhatikan kesanggupan situs yang menerimanya. Dalam Artikel ini, photoshop.com Adalah situs penyunting gambar online yang paling baik menangani gambar beresolusi tinggi diikuti oleh picnik.com (versi berbayar).

        Sebenarnya selain itu ada pilihan gratisan dengan resolusi dan kemampuan upload besar file yang sama dengan berbayar. Hanya berbeda di fasilitas yang disediakan.Aneka Ragam Aplikasi Penyunting Foto Online
        ( Baca Juga : Menghidupkan Gambar Di FreeHand )

        Voting with my wallet

        In spite of spending a lot of time with elves and wizards, I am very well aware of the necessities of real life: Bills have to be paid at the end of the month, developers need to eat, and game companies need to make a profit to keep the developers employed and the games running. Which is why I don't mind paying for games, not even for those labeled "Free2Play". As long as I feel I am supporting a worthy game. And of course I like analyzing the various different models what kind of advantages you get for your money.

        So now that it turned out that I like World of Tanks more than I thought I would, I did buy "gold", their store currency. That makes a huge difference. Fans will tell you that the gold tanks and ammo which are exclusive to people paying money aren't all that good, and I would agree. But the main effect of paying money is to get to everything much faster: Crew training normally takes ages, but by spending gold you get them to 100% immediately, which has a huge effect. Gold allows you convert the useless experience you gain with your lower level tanks into free experience you can use with your top of the line tanks. And you can buy "subscriptions" for various amounts of time with gold, and the 50% more experience points and credits speed things up considerably. Veterans tell me that at the higher levels it actually gets very hard to advance without gold, as repairs end up costing you all your income without the 50% bonus. Oh, and if you still need credits (the currency you can earn in game), you can always exchange gold for currency.

        I also spent real money for buying credits in Glitch. Which isn't necessary at all, because you can only spend them on fluff, items that change your appearance. But as I would really like to see Glitch succeed, I don't mind forking out some cash to support them.

        Friday, May 13, 2011

        Menghidupkan Gambar

        Macromedia FreeHand MX: Training from the SourceNirwana Sitoeking : Sering kali kita melihat objek yang dibuat Freehand tampak hidup seperti gambar asli atau foto. Padahal gambar tersebut dibuat dari garis² yan tersusun sedemikian rupa dan diberi warna sehingga tampak lebih hidup.
        Membentuk bayangan benda berbentuk kubisme dengan menggunakan program aplikasi Freehand dapat dilakukan secara mudah dengan fasilitas gradasi, seperti membuat gambar bola besi, batangan bulat dan sebagainya yang sifatnya lurus dan rata.

        Tapi bagaimana bila kitaingin membentuk bayang yang tidak merata atau melekuk-lekuk seperti  bayangan pada lipatan-lipatan baju misalnya. Sebab fasilitas gradasi dalam Freehand tidak dapat mengikuti bentuk lekukan gambar seperti yang kita inginkan.
        Ada Trik dalam menyiasati hal ini yaitu dengan menggunakan fasilitas Blend dalam Menu Extras. Langkah-Langkahnya sebagai Berikut:
        1. Buatlah bentuk gambar dengan menggunakan Pen Tool. Kemudian buat gambar tadi melekuk-lekuk dengan menekan tombol Options pada keyboard dan tarik bagian setiap sisi yan akan kita bentuk melekuk.
        2. Dalam Posisi terblok, gunakan fitur Clone di menu Edit untuk mengkloning objek.
        3. Perkecil hasil klon beberapa kali dari objek aslinya.
        4. Beri Warna objek asli dan objek hasil klon dengan ketentuan warna,  hasil klon harus lebih tua atau sebaliknya dari objek asli. Frame/Stroke setiap objek tidak perlu diberi warna (none)
        5. Aktifkan kedua Objek, lalu pilih pada menu "Extras>Create>Blend"atau tekan tombol " Ctrl+Shift+B" pada keyboard.
        6. Tingkat kehalusan gradasi dapat diatur pada "Window Inspector>Objek", pada kotak Steps diisi angka. semakin tinggi angka, semakin halus tingkat gradasinya.
        7. Bila ingin mengubah bentuk lakukan dengan menekan tombol "Option" dan pilih objek paling luar atau paling dalam dari hasil blend tadi. Untuk memudahkan pemilihan objek, lakukan dalam posisi tampilan keyline, lalu tarik titik-titik point yang ingin kita ubah bentuknya sesuai selera.
        8. Ulangi langkah di atas sehingga terbentuk beberapa bayangan yang sesuai imajinasi kamu. Tempatkan Bayangan dengan tepat agar tampak Hidup
        Selamat Mencoba : Menghidupkan Gambar Di FreeHand
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        5 langkah Mudah Bikin Foto Keren di Microsoft Office Word 2010

        Microsoft® Office 2010 Plain & Simple
        Nirwana Sitoeking : Bikin efek artistik pada gambar bukan perkara mudah buat pemula. Apalagi yang kurang punya jiwa seni. kalau trik photoshop, langkah langkahnya lumayan panjang. Tapi di Microsoft Office Word 2010, kita tidak perlu punya keahlian khusus. Setiap foto bisa disulap dengan efek artistik yang menarik cukup dengan beberapa klik.
        Mau tau  caranya !! Ok Kita Langsung z ...
        1. Buat Dokument kosong di Microsoft Office Word 2010
        2. Pastikan Dokument dibuat dalam format  Microsoft Office Word 2010. klik menu "File > Convert".
        3. klik menu Insert > Picture", lalu pilih gambar yang diinginkan. klik Open Untuk membuka.
        4. Pastikan gambar yang baru di masukan itu dalam kondisi terseleksi, lalu klik Tab "Format".
        5. Klik tombol Artistic Efects yang ada di grup Adjust pilihan efek yang akan kamu pakai. kamu bisa melihat preview dari gambar yang akan dihasilkan dengan menyorot mouse pada salah satu menu artistik. Bila suka, klik untuk menerapkan perubahan.
        6. Selesai deh
        selamat Mencoba 5 langkah Mudah Bikin Foto Keren di Microsoft Office Word 2010
        - (  Baca Juga : Cheat Dragon Age 2  ) 

        Blogger ate my post

        I didn't post earlier today, because Blogger was down. And when it came back up, my last post (the one about player segregation) had disappeared. Now it would be possible to restore the text, as it was sent out via Buzz and RSS as well, but all the comments are irretrievably lost. :( So as to not repeat the same discussion again, and in the hope that maybe Blogger restores the lost thread later, I'm not posting the same text again.

        Wednesday, May 11, 2011

        Doubting the value of Apartheid

        Both Nils and Klepsacovic have been arguing for player segregation in MMORPGs, separating the good players from the bad players by some game feature. I don't think that apartheid (the Afrikaans word for segregation) is a good idea. Not because it is like in the real world, where Apartheid didn't work all that well in South Afrika, or segregation in the US south; but because virtual worlds are NOT like the real world.

        The idea of player segregation is based on a flawed premise, that there are two distinct sorts of players, the "good" and the "bad", or you could call them the "hardcore" and the "casual". That is almost certainly not true. If you plot any natural skill, talent, or intelligence of any population, you always get some sort of gaussian distribution, that is a bell curve in which most people are average, and few people are very good or very bad. For segregation to work, this would have to be a bimodal curve.

        One well researched example of this is the IQ curve. In any population most people are of average intelligence, and there are equal, but small, numbers of geniuses and morons. But the IQ curve also shows that people are notoriously unable to have a realistic view of themselves. If you ask people to estimate their IQ, the average of the estimations is 120, which is significantly higher than the real average of 100.

        Thus if you ask players whether they are good or bad, you will get pretty much everybody thinking that they are among the good players. If you make "easy" and "hard" servers, you'll find the easy servers standing empty, because nobody would even want to admit that he might not be top notch.

        If self-segregation doesn't work, then how about forced segregation? Again that isn't quite as easy as in real life, where whether somebody is black or white is relatively obvious in most cases. If you look at the current population, there are obviously some players who have all the achievements of a top raider, but who did either buy their way into a top raiding guild like Gevlon did, or are the hardcore guild leader's girlfriend. On the other hand you'll have real top notch players who took a break, and are missing the gearscore and achievements you'd be looking for.

        In principle some sort of player segregation is already on offer, the same dungeons exist in normal and heroic form. The huge amount of complaints this current system evokes shows that this isn't working well at all. The fundamental reason for that is shared responsibility, especially for the dps role where there are always other players fulfilling the same role. Any group content can only measure the performance of a team, and thus there is always room for a less good player to be "carried" by the rest of the team. If you wanted a working player segregation, you could only offer solo content.

        And ultimately the idea of player segregation in virtual world is bad for the same moral and social reasons that segregation and apartheid are bad in the real world: The hardcore raidleader playing with his less competent girlfriend is *not* a failure of the system, but a symptom of MMORPGs being social games as well as games about performance. Segregating friends because they have different degrees of skill is a fundamentally flawed concept, and leads to less attractive, less social, less friendly games, which only the most unfeeling players would actually want to play.

        Losing power through leveling

        One of the defining characteristics of a role-playing game, as opposed to let’s say an adventure game, is that your character gets more powerful over time. Whether that is by some sort of skill system or a leveling system, there is always some sort of “character development” mechanic with some numbers going up in value. Games that aren’t RPGs, but still have some similar character development mechanic are said to “contain role-playing elements”, a phrase that makes the kind of people who think role-playing means “acting in character” cringe. So I was playing World of Tanks, which has such a level-gaining system, and would like to discuss the comparison with leveling in MMORPGs here.

        In World of Tanks you start with a level 1 tank. You gain a form of experience points, called research points in this game, which you can spend to research better equipment for your tank, like a better gun, or a better engine. And once you researched the prerequisites, you can also research access to level 2 tanks. But unlike a MMORPG, the level 2 tank doesn’t replace the level 1 tank; you simply end up owning both of them, until you sell one to make room in your garage. Now there is really no reason to keep that level 1 tank, it is just plain bad, and every nation just has one sort of them. But at level 2 there are already different types: light tanks, medium tanks (heavies come higher up in level), SPGs (artillery), and tank destroyers. Thus keeping several different level 2 tanks while only developing one branch further to level 3 and beyond makes more sense.

        That is what I did, and after switching back and forth between level 2 and level 3 tanks a lot for a while, I noticed something curious: The higher level tank was less successful than the lower level tank of the same type. This is due to World of Tanks’ pairing algorithm: A level 2 tank is most likely to end up in battle against level 1 and 2 tanks, while a level 3 tank is most likely to end up in battle against level 3 to 10 tanks. Which means my fully equipped level 2 tank is the best possible tank in the battle of the level 1 and 2 tanks, while my not fully researched level 3 tank is the worst possible tank in the higher level battle. I need to keep playing the level 3 tank to get up to the higher levels; but playing the lower level tanks is plain more fun, and as I’m still getting *some* reward (credits, free experience) from playing the lower levels, I’ll keep doing that too.

        Losing power by leveling is less obvious in a MMORPG, as you don’t keep your lower level character around after leveling up. The higher level simply overwrites the lower level, so you have no opportunity to compare them. In principle your higher level character is more powerful, thus if you had problems with some particular mob at some level, you’ll have a better chance of killing that same mob after leveling up. Only that isn’t what is actually happening: While leveling up you usually also move to the next zone, and battle against different mobs, which are also more powerful. And most games work a bit like World of Tanks here: The power of your opponents goes up faster than your own. If you made a statistic of all the character deaths on a server on any given day, you would find that by far the most deaths are incurred at the level cap. Getting your level 1 character killed is nearly impossible in most modern games.

        As I mentioned before, another game I am currently playing when it is up is Glitch, a MMORPG without combat, which uses a skill-system which resembles the one of EVE. Now as there is no combat, your character development isn’t measured in how hard a monster you can beat. But that doesn’t mean Glitch doesn’t have challenges. The fundamental challenge in Glitch is balancing your energy, “storing” energy by cooking food, and then using that energy for energy-draining activities like mining. And in Glitch increasing a skill really means life gets easier for you. If you increase your mining skill you consume less energy while mining, if you increase your cooking skill you can make better kinds of food, and if you increase the various harvesting skills you get more food ingredients for less energy. And I must say that actually getting more powerful through character development is more fun than losing power through leveling.

        Of course in World of Tanks, once you get past level 3, you’re also getting more powerful through leveling. But MMORPGs seem to be stuck in a design where your character is unlikely to die while leveling up, leading to an endgame where you scrape his remains of the floor every half hour. Most endgame activities in modern MMORPGs would be not feasible in a game with permadeath. The highest level characters are the most likely to die, and somehow that doesn’t feel all that epic or heroic to me. Even the whole MMO blogosphere and game forums community is obsessed with a permanent discussion of failure. Most bickering about the state of the community, fail PuGs, and guild drama, is caused by this game design where your character loses power through leveling up, and him failing a dozen times before any success is considered normal. Makes you wonder why you bothered leveling that character up, only to turn him from a hero to a permanent failure.

        Tuesday, May 10, 2011

        SOE is doomed

        Just one less humorous afterthought on MMORPG companies losing subscribers: Technically SOE has zero players for all their MMORPGs together right now. When these games will be back up at an unspecified future date, SOE will still not have any revenue for another month, because they are handing out free 30-day subscriptions to everybody affected. And after that they will have to see how many people still trust them with their credit card data.

        I do think there is a non-negligible chance of SOE closing shop, or at least significantly down-sizing the company, before the end of the year.