Friday, May 27, 2011

Sim City and Simpsons are heading to facebook

As you might know in 2009 EA bought game company very famous from facebook, Playfish for 300 million bucks. It is not so long since EA announced that they want to focus on facebook games. It looks that the big money are only in "classic games" like big games as Starcraft 2 and so, but it is now qwell known fact that there are huge money in best facebook games. Why there are so much money in facebook games? Well, facebook has huge number of user and what is really surprising fact is that 20% of players in facebook pays REAL money for upgrades and such stuff in games. That is HUGE number and of course it means lot of money. EA knows that very well so they now announced that they going to release two games that will use really BIG names - Simpsons and Sim City.

We don't know almost anything about these games now, but it is almost sure that such games will be one of the best facebook games. The reason is really quite simple these are strong names, big company and potentially very big money so they will do the work to get the money. i have no idea what the Simpsons game might be about, but it is for sure that the Sim City will be great. There are already many and many games similar ti Sim City on facebook, but none of them is really great, if they do it right and game will be fun as the old good Sim City even by playing alone and not with so much "social playing" like the Sim City alike games on facebook now, they could have really extremely big amount of players. I have to adit that I really look forward to these games.

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