Sunday, May 29, 2011

Every item in EVE is for sale for real money

Syncaine claims that CCP is doing item shops better than other games, because they announced a shop with vanity items only. You buy a PLEX, break it up into a new currency called Aurum, and buy items like monocles for your character, or paint jobs for your spaceship. So far, so good.

What Syncaine fails to mention is that of course the old PLEX against ISK trade is still there. And with ISK you can buy every single item in the game. Thus if you wanted, you could buy any item you want for real world money, although you might not have the skill to use it.

Sorry, I fail to see how that is "better than the rest of the genre". Other games have items which are exclusive for people who play, and other items you can buy. In EVE you don't know how the other player got his ship, whether he earned the ISK by playing, or just used his credit card.

So yeah, added vanity items are nice. But that doesn't distract from the fact that EVE has the most extreme "virtual item for real cash" system out there.

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