Sunday, May 29, 2011

Backyard Monsters

Have you ever heard about Backyard Monsters? If not, you should know that you are missing one of the best facebook strategy games. I have always missed facebook strategy games and I have always thought that there are not enough quality strategy games on facebook. Finally there is really good facebook strategy game Backyard Monsters.
I have to admit that I didn't want to play this game, because acording to name I thought it is some stupid game for kids, but later one of my friends told me that it is really one of the best facebook games and I can say now that he was absolutely right.
So what this game is all about? Of course as every really good war strategy it is about building and fighting! Most of facebook games are as stupid as they can be, well, that is really not the case of Backyard Monsters, you have to think while playing this game!

In this game your task is to build your base, build defense of your base and of course building your army of monsters. In this game you have to get resources and with these resources you are building the base and of course also your army of monsters. It is really great fun to attack wild monster tribes, but from certain level it gets even better because you start to fight with other players and that is the part where real strategic battle begins.

If you have always wanted to play some real strategic game on facebook, then Backyard Monsters is exactly that kind of game you will like and it will certainly be one of yours best facebook games.

Rating 9/10

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