Monday, July 7, 2008

European ninja vs. pirates

In a new twist on the eternal ninja vs. pirates fight, some European MPs are trying to ninja sneak a new law hidden in a big telecoms act into European law. The law would ban you forever from the internet if you get caught pirating three times. There are some obvious flaws in the law, which are more likely to hurt the innocent than the real pirates: For example you could lose internet access if you failed to secure your WiFi and somebody else warchalked you, and used your connection for illegal downloads. And of course it is highly dubious that there doesn't appear to be enough legal basis to even fine most of the pirates, but now the ISP could somehow find enough proof to turn off their internet access forever.

I'm all for copyright holders having legal rights, if necessary even to fine proven pirates. But turning off the internet for piracy is like turning off somebody's electricity because he used a stolen TV. Way disproportionate!

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