Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Lore

I don't know if you ever saw World of Warcraft video guides on YouTube, but there are tons of them, with vast differences in the quality of the explanations. But what unites them is the bad quality of the video images captured from the game, making it really hard to actually see anything useful on them. So a couple of guys went and founded Project Lore, a site with high-quality video guides through the dungeons of World of Warcraft.

They just started, and did Hellfire Ramparts first, and now progressed to the Slave Pens. The gameplay video is in the middle, small webcam cutouts of 4 of the 5 group members in the corner, and some text explanation at the lower edge. Generally quite well done. But of course right now it isn't terribly useful. Who needs a video guide how to beat Hellfire Ramparts on normal now? We've all been there a year ago. Slave Pens on heroic is somewhat more useful, but again most of us already know the place inside out. So I just hope the guys got enough WotLK beta keys to already start producing video guides of the dungeons there. Now THAT would be useful!

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