Monday, February 22, 2010

A short comment on Allods Online

Several of the posts in the open Sunday thread were about the rather high prices in the Allods Online item shop, and all over the blogosphere people are reversing their previously good opinion about Allods for that reason. Which is something that I find extremely strange: If the game was good *without* the item shop, and now the item shop is so expensive that nobody will buy anything there, isn't that exactly the same situation as we were in before?

Basically, if Blizzard announced tomorrow that World of Warcraft goes Free2Play, and opens an item shop in which you can buy a complete set of T10 armor for $1,000, doesn't that mean that you just saved yourself a $15 monthly fee? Why would the ridiculously high price for a virtual good have any effect on you, given that you're not going to spend that much?

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