Friday, February 5, 2010

Terms of Service changed

This is just to tell you that I updated my Terms of Service, after re-reading them and finding some points that were outdated. In particular the changes were:

- Added a remark to paragraph 4 to point out that while I don't delete well argued comments just because I disagree with them, I *do* delete well argued comments if you finish them with a personal attack on how I, my blog, or that particular post sucks. There is a *huge* difference between "I don't think this review is fair, because you failed to mention ..." and "this was an unfair, superficial and poorly-done "review" from a guy who didn't seem very interested in trying the game out in the first place" (the latter being an actual quote from a deleted comment). Yes, I'm sensitive that way, and unwilling to having to defend myself against untrue accusations like this all the time. Live with it. Try to argue without personal remarks, because even if I would post them, they actually only weaken your argument.

- Rewrote paragraph 5, because the original still allowed anonymous commenting, which unfortunately I had to turn off due to anonymous comment spam. Listed the free services you can register with to comment here.

- Added a remark to paragraph 10 to state that I will disclose all freebies I receive. This happens to be in accordance with FTC rules from end of last year, but the actual policy exists since long before that, since the first freebie I received. So even if some lawyer convinces me that my blog does not have to follow US federal trade commission rules, that policy would remain unchanged.

Note that the Terms of Service also contain (not an update, was always there) helpful hints on how to put a clickable link into a comment using HTML code. As I get comments every day containing links that either can't be clicked, or use some forum style code which isn't working, methinks you didn't read my Terms of Service. :) I would recommend you do so.

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