Saturday, July 30, 2011

Be millionaire boss in new facebook game

Everyone has some dream and I think most of young people would to be owners of night club, to have their own football team, own pub or something like. Well some people have more strange dreams and one of my dreams was always something different, someone would even think something really boring, but I think it is something what could be really great fun. I have always wanted to be boss in some office and have lot of employees I can give orders and everything. Well, finally there is a way how to fulfill that dream.
There is new game that belongs among the best facebook games and that is Millionaire Boss from Digital Chocolate.

So what it is about? In Millionaire Boss is your task to build and manage successful office full of workers. If you have ever been working in office you know that you have to do there some stupid and usually also very boring tasks that makes your company lot of money, but you take just a really small part of that. Well, that is exactly the case of this game. Your employees have to work really hard on the tasks you assign them to do. These tasks makes money and experience.

if you have money of course as in every company you should invest these money and make your company grow. I think this is one of the aspects of the game that makes it one of the best facebook games and makes it really fun. You have to invest and buy various desks. On every desk you can do different kind of work an of course different amount of money. Of course it is facebook game so it is social and that means that your workers can also be your friends. But you friends don't have to be just workers in your game, they can also have special roles in your company. That is also really good fun.

What I don't like on this game is that it is still quite similar to toher facebook games and you have to spend some facebook cash if you really want to have some fun and have big office full of cool stuff. For example you have to buy some special constructing material and so. Well, it is still quite good facebook game that is definetely at least worth a try. If you have always to be a boss as me, then you just have to try this game.

Rating 6/10

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