Sunday, July 10, 2011

CivWorld (Civilization on facebook) finally released

We have been waiting for this moment for very long time and I would say even too long time, but I'm very happy that I can write here that the long time we had to wait for CivWorld was worth it. From now, there is new best facebook game and it is CivWorld.
I have always been fan of Civilization and even I've not played all parts and there are many games I like more than Civilization I still think that it is and that it will be the top game on facebook. The reason is quite simple, this game is simply perfect for facebook and the new CivWorld just confirmed that.

So, what is the goal of this game? This blog has now huge number of readers every day and I'm really very happy about that and that means that also lot of casual players come here and that means that you might never played any Civilization. Well, that could be problem, because Civilization is quite complex game and definetely much more complex game than usual facebook games. This is not game for all who likes simple stupid farming or just clicking on tasks in mafia wars. In Civilizitation you usually have to think, think about the path to glory for your civilization, because there are many ways how to acomplish that.
The first Civilization game was released in 1991 and it was such huge success that it changed the whole world of computer games forever. The game was real icon of turn based strategy games.

In CivWorld there is all that stuff we liked on Civilization, plus social gaming aspects of google game. It is really just perfect combination.
If you don't know Civilization then you should know that in CivWorld you start with city you have to build. You play for your nation and more nations together are Civilizations that compete against other civilizations. the game starts in stone age and ends in space age. The most important things in the game are five major resources:

Food: this is used to grow your city population. City with bigger population can gain all resources much faster, because it can have more workers, farmers, scientists, artists..

Production: production is something you need every time you want to build some building or military unit.

Science: Science is something you need if you want to discover new technologies, with science you also gain moves in Technology Maze (minigame).

Gold: Gold is something everyone wants and it always was wealth. If course civilization needs gold also. In CivWorld you need gold to buy and sell stuff in market and also you can bid with it in auctions. Every resource you can buy with gold and also Great People (these makes gathering resources faster by 5% and can also be used while building wonders).

Culture: if you have lot of culture you will also have lot of great people. you will also get more swaps in minigame great art Puzzle.

If you have enough of these resources, you can win the game. Well it is not so simple, but if you win enough smaller goals in the game than you will be winner in the end. You can win for example in the first era when you for example have lot of money, or if are you good at science, but of course as in real world, there is also other way how to win the game and that is the path of military force.

This game is really cool and it will be one of the best facebook games because there are not only personal goals in this game, but also goal for whole civilization, that means goal you can achieve together with other nations in your civilization.

Well, we are on facebook and that means that social aspects of games must be also strong, so you cna chat with all other players, you can send them resources and so. Another thing that makes this game different from classic Civilization is that it is for casual player. It is still very complex game, but it really is more similar than normal "offline" Civilization. that means that in this game you can also find minigames that makes it even much bigger fun. There are three minigames, I will not write here about those minigames, they are very simple and does not need any description, I like Well, it is still much more complex then other facebook games and even after many hours of playing I have still not tried everything.

This review could very very long, because this game is so awesome and so complex, but I want to keep my reviews here short. No one really likes long articles, right? Enough of words, go there and play CivWorld, the best facebook game of 2011 and probably ever!

Rating 10/10

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