Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nearly right

In January I wrote a prediction: "The next World of Warcraft expansion will come out in the second half of 2012, and include some sort "public quest" system, that is multi-player quests you participate in by just walking into the area where they are happening, without having to click on a quest giver." I didn't get it completely right. But I'd still call it close enough. If I read the description of how PvE scenarios are going to work, I'd say that these PvE scenarios bear a lot of resemblance to WAR public quests.

What I got wrong was that the PvE scenarios aren't "walk in". What I got right was that they aren't started by a quest NPC. Instead you queue up for them with the dungeon finder, apparently. And just like the WAR public quests, the PvE scenarios will have multiple stages, with a boss at the end. I'd call that close enough to my prediction.

What I didn't foresee was that these public quests announcement would be completely overshadowed by people discussing pandas, up to the point of bloggers rage-quitting publicly on YouTube. I am indifferent to pandas, my only argument about them is that if you don't like them, then maybe they weren't meant for you. Whether the new race in WoW is pandaren, murloc, or lizardmen has very little effect on my enjoyment of the game. The introduction of public quests do, and might make me resubscribe. One day. Because I'm still sticking to the part of my prediction saying "second half of 2012".

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