Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SWTOR early access

I'm in!

Thanks to having pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic at an early date, I got my early access yesterday evening, on the first day of the early access period. That was a surprisingly painless process: I got a mail, started the launcher I still had from the open beta weekend end November, and after some short patching I was able to play. I did not have to visit a website and enter some code, which tends to be the weak point in MMORPG launches.

EA Bioware is ramping things up slowly, the server list showed server loads being either "light" or "standard", and I found myself in a starting zone with around 100 players. Thus an extremely smooth first day for me, got my trooper up to level 8 without any technical complications, bugs, or other nasty surprises. In fact the only thing that didn't go perfectly was the guild, who had decided *not* to use the server EA Bioware had assigned to us, and thus we were missing out on the automatic guild formation feature. I expect the guild to form tonight, when people reach level 10 and Coruscant.

Up to now I am very happy with my character choice of trooper. The abilities are just plain fun, especially the sticky grenade and the AoE knockback shot. Ord Mantell is somewhat less interesting as a starting zone than Korriban (where I played most of the beta weekend), but it is still okay, and it's only the first 10 levels. I'll see tonight how my character develops once I choose the advanced class, going for healer. I like the idea of a healer with a big gun. :)

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