Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SWTOR slicing nerf

First patch, first big controversy, with over 1,000 posts on the crew skill forums: Slicing has been nerfed, by up to 71% if you believe the theorycrafters. So what is this about?

Slicing has always been a weird skill. In many of the gathering skills you can send out one of your companions on a mission, which costs money, and the companion is gone for some minutes and comes back with a random item. In the case of slicing there are missions to look for lockboxes, which contain money. So people with slicing could simply stand somewhere all day, send out all their companions on missions for lockboxes, and get more money out of the lockboxes than the mission did cost. It's like printing money, and that is never a good idea.

The good thing of having slicing in the game for the first week is that it "primed" the economy, and got a lot of money in. The people who sliced were able to buy crafted stuff from the other players. Otherwise money is tight in SWTOR in the first 25 levels: Other forms of crafting lose money, and the first mount at level 25 costs 40k credits for the skill, plus 8k for the speeder, which is a rather large sum at this stage.

But in the long run the slicing nerf is probably a good decision. Actually I would have preferred if they had completely removed the missions to gather lockboxes. Printing money is not "crafting" in the traditional sense. And I don't want to see an army of gold farmers flooding the economy with sliced credits.

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