Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Bola in Spain means ball and that is what this game in this review is all about. Bola is very likely the best facebook game that is about football. well there is only very few football games on the facebook and this one is something really different, because it actually have some graphics. I never knew that you can do in flash so complex 3d games so I wans almost shocked while I've seen this game on facebook for the first time. Real 3d football n flash on facebook? That is really great, unfortunately, this games has few really bad aspects in gamepley and even in management. The most funny part of football managers are definetely actions like buys players and building stadiums. Well, in Bola you can buld stadium and it is really good fun, you choose from hug variety of types of scaffolds. Well, what you cannot do in Bola and I really hope that that is going to be changed soon is buying players. You can buy speed for players, you can buy better abilities for your goal keeper, you can even buy coach, but for some crazy reason you cannot buy players in game that is football manager!!! At least gameplay is really good and definetely the best on facebook. You can really play the metches by controlling players like on real Fifa games, of course with worse graphics and much less available moves. There are also many errors in the game, no it is not lagging or anything like that, but you can sometimes score quite easily from places that are very far from goal, you can even score from the middle of the ground. Well, even it has many bad aspects, it is still the best football game on facebook and I would recommend it to anyone who likes football games.
Rating 8/10

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