Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hello, FarmVille is game you probably know, because everybody knows FarmVille. FarmVille is in fact the most popular game on facebook. When it was on the top FarmVille played amazing 62 milion of active users. This game is something like simulation of life at the farm, but it is also of course quite childish as many games on facebook. It has the some problem as many games on facebook, because developers thinks that when they makes game based on flash it must be very simple and easy and that is exactly what FarmVille is. The only thing you can do at FarmVille is planting flowers, buying trees, livestock and sometime buildings. That is all, it can be fun for few days, but very soon this game is boring. Well, there is one good thing about FarmVille and that is that the game still develops so it is definetely better game now than it was about year before, but it is still game more for kids than for adults and if you are looking for some really quality games on facebook, FarmVille won't make you happy. As many games from Zynga, in FarmVille if you really want to enjoy the game, then you have to spend some real money and that is something what most people don't like.
Rating: 4/10

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