Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starfleet Commander

Hello everyone, today I have for you one game I really like and game that definetely belongs among the best facebook games. If you like sci-fi and if you are looking for the best facebook games, then you will probably like this one. In Starfleet Commander is your task something much more interesting than building some farm or playing with your pet, in this is your task to build galactic empire and crush your enemies with your fleet of galactic starhips. Even I really like this game, this game has many aspects, that could have been done better. I think that the biggest problem of this game is that it has really slow start and many players leaves the game before it gets really funny. It is also problems of this game that in the beginning this game might seem to someone as too complicated, but it is in fact quite simple. In this game you build some mines to get resources, with these resources you can either build more mines, or you can invest them to research of new technologies or you can start to build your fleet of ships you can use to attack other players and get their resources. In this game you can also join alliances, colonize planets and lot more. I don't like on this game that it does not have to much graphics, it is more like text based game with few pictures, but it i still my favourite game on facebook right now and if you like sci-fi games, you will probably also like this one that belongs among the best facebook games.
Rating: 7/10

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