Friday, October 22, 2010

Blizzcon announces absolutely nothing

There has been a lot of speculation what the big announcement at this year's Blizzcon would be, but nobody had guessed this one: Absolutely nothing. I paid DirectTV for watching an opening ceremony in which the "major" announcements were that the Lich King has been killed half a million times, and that yes, in fact you will be able to download Cataclysm on release day. For being a CEO, Mike Morhaime sure is a bad speaker. Chris Metzen spoke a lot better, but had absolutely nothing to say, and instead gave a presentation about geeks playing with transformer toys. Unless Blizzard is planning a surprise announcement on day 2, which they never did, this year's Blizzcon was a non-event, announcement-wise.

There are some interesting tidbits from the panels, about dungeons and raids, and patch 4.1. But if the biggest announcement is enhanced dungeon maps for World of Warcraft, I'm sure lots of players will be a bit disappointed.

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