Friday, October 1, 2010

Civ 5 opening moves

Last night I was experimenting a bit with opening moves in Civilization V. You start the game with a settler and a warrior unit by default. Usually the settler is already in a good position to found a city, so in your first move you found your first city, and then have to decide what to build in it.

After some experimentation I found that I usually got the best results by building units first: A warrior, a settler, and a worker, in this order. It is tempting to build a scout instead of a warrior, because that is faster, and the unit explores better. But scouts aren't doing very well against barbarians, and I found it safer to have two warriors.

The other alternative would be to concentrate on buildings, constructing a monument first while researching pottery, and then a granary. The risk of that strategy is other players expanding into the area where you would otherwise settle. That depends a bit on your neighbors, some leaders are expansionist, others not. But I got an expansionist streak myself, and like to control map space to secure resources.

How do you usually start in games of Civ 5? Any prefered strategy?

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