Monday, October 4, 2010

I hate you all!

I swear Klepsacovic stole the words right out of my mouth! I wanted to write this!

Pretty much every other activity, hobby, or sport has a strong solidarity: People generally like other people with the same interests. Why is that so different for MMORPGs? There is a huge number of blog and forum posts out there doing nothing but complaining what bunch of incompetent idiots all the other players are. There are even complete blogs about nothing but that subject!

Would you send out an e-mail to everybody in your company telling them you hate them all, and consider them all to be morons and slackers? You certainly wouldn't! Then why do you feel it is a good idea to tell all the other MMORPG players that you hate them all, and consider them all to be morons and slackers?

The worst of it is the incongruence: After telling everybody else how much they hate them and how stupid they are, the same bloggers and posters then complain how weak the community of the game is, that there isn't enough chat, and no deep social connections. Why should the Grinch be surprised that he doesn't get much love back after publicly disrespecting everyone? If instead of bashing newbies the veterans would go and help these players become better, the community would obviously be much better.

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