Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mythic says I'm right

So Mythic agreed with "Why do we PvP?" post and realized that all this virtual world nonsense and character advancement is only getting into the way of a good PvP game. So they are taking the Warhammer Online engine and are creating Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes with it. A lobby based, Free2Play, fantasy battle game with 3 factions.

In hindsight it appears obvious that this is the game they should have released in 2008. They would have become silly rich by now if they had done so. Instead they grafted an inferior WoW clone nobody liked on the fantasy battle game people actually wanted to play, wasted millions, and are widely regarded as a failure. It is good that they've realized now where the actual strength of their game is, even if by now the lobby-based battle game market is much more crowded. Nevertheless I expect WARWoH to do well, and to make the original WAR obsolete to the point of it closing down in a few years.

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