Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have to admit here first that I really do not like games from Zynga anymore, they just still repeats the same stuff and what was funny at the beginning is after two years of playing absolutely boring. Well, still when Zynga releases some game it is always really big event in the world of facebook gaming and that is the reason why even here on Best Facebook Games we just cannot miss that out. So what is this CastleVille all about?
I think it is really not hard to answer this question even if you have never played it before. as the title say, it will be one of those quite boring "ville" games. As i said before, these games might be funny two years ago, but now? They really should start to make some different stuff and not just all the time the same Farmille, that just looks slightly different and is in medieval era. Well I'm facebook games blogger and even I thought I will probably not like the game I tried and I really cannot say I'm happy with it.
well, I'm sorry for that, but today review will be very short, because there is not much to write about, there is something in this game from FrontierVille, something from Cityville and all together it is another boring clicking game from Zynga everyone played two years ago. it really did not change to much so I just cannot recommend this game to anyone who is more then 9 years old. in my opinion this is really not one of the best facebook, more like opposite in fact. Next time I promise I will find some much more interesting game, because there still are good games out there.

Rating 2/10

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