Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lucky Space

Hi everyone, if you read best facebook games often, you probably know that I'm fan of sci-fi games, so everytime there is some new facebook sci-fi game I'm very excited. Today I have for you Lucky Planet to me really interesting game, but is also true to say that it is not very different game of other build type of games you can find on facebook. Well, there are still some things that makes it different and things why I really like it.
The whole story of Lucky Space starts in space ship with mysterious message from someone who says is your uncle. Is this person really your uncle? Well, I don't know but the truth is that he gives you pretty great heritage. Whole asteriod he says is full of valuable metals. That is definetely something I would like to inherit in the space era of human kind. Today it would really be probably very useless, at least for next few decades. So this is the first nice aspect of the game, the story. Story is something I always like in games, so why not to put one in build strategy game also, right?
So after you land on this asteroid you have to start working. You want to be space millionare and that of course means lot of work to be done. The first thing you have to do is to explore that asteroid and very soon you find first object there, thing that creates food. Not many people can live without food, so cannot these space guys. So after exporing few meters around you will realize that as in many other facebook build strategy game, every move you make, every task you do consumes energy. When you level up you get energy, your energy is loading after some time and so. You know it from other games for sure. What is really bad in Lucky Space as well as in many, maybe even most facebook games is that when you want to play more, when you want to lvel up fast and build big and strong asteroid mining station, you will need real money. in this game as in other similar games is special currency space bucks that is hard to get and of course the most easy way is to buy them with real money. Well, who spends real money on facebook games? I don't know anyone, but there must be such people, because if there were not, there would really never be so many games using this concept. Well, it is still something I really hate, because it spoiled so many games that would quite good and even Lucky Space has this problem. It could be one of the best facebook games, but it is not. Ok lets get back to gaming.
In this game your task is to build big asteroid mining station so you need varios kinds of buildings as in other kinds of facebook games, in this is of course special that you are in space and also that you need to connect those building with special energy lines. So you have to get the energy, store it, you need food also and many other things.
This game looks really good, space looks lonely and deep, dark place. The whole system of this game is not too simple like zynga games are, but also not too complicated so everyone can play it few minutes every day and I'm sure all casual players who likes sci-fi and space exploration stuff will also like this game. I can recommend to you to at least try it. there are many things I forgot to write here, so go and try Lucky Space. If you want to be space millionare, you cannot hesitate any longer and start digging into that asteroid!

Rating: 7/10

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