Friday, January 27, 2012

Bad customer service of Bioware

When EA Bioware refused all my credit cards and Paypal as payments, I naturally opened a customer support ticket with them. I've used the cards elsewhere since, so I'm sure it is a problem with them, not any of my banks, which would have been extremely unlikely to happen to 3 financial institutions at the same time anyway. I would consider payment issues to be rather fundamental, and worthy of a swift response. But I had to wait a full week before I heard back from EA Bioware. And what did they say? They said that since I had used a game time card since, they considered the ticket closed. They wouldn't even look at the issues with the credit cards!

Well, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that I will want to subscribe beyond the 60 days of that game time card. And their bad customer service isn't helping their cause here.

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