Saturday, January 21, 2012

SWTOR account troubles

My 30 free days of Star Wars: The Old Republic ran out, and it was surprisingly difficult to get EA Bioware to accept my money. The credit card I had used successfully with them to buy the game 30 days ago was refused, I got an e-mail saying "your Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ recurring subscription payment for your account has failed". I checked it wasn't a phishing scam on the site, and tried another credit card there, different bank. Again no luck, some "error processing payment, try again later" error. Then I tried Paypal, and got the same error message. It seems EA Bioware has problems processing payments.

Ultimately I had to go out and buy a 60-day prepaid card to keep playing. Not the very best service. Well, not as bad as for those customers who wanted to unsubscribe and found the unsubscribe option missing.

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