Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SWTOR bugs

Today is another patch day for SWTOR, to version 1.0.2d. Again the patch is in the middle of the day for us Europeans, but as most people have gone back to work / school that is less of an issue than it was during the Christmas holidays. But it might be a good opportunity to talk about bugs in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

SWTOR does have bugs, a fact that shouldn't really surprise anybody. I'll give you a description of various bugs I've encountered or have regularly: The most annoying bug I have is that if I log on my alt, who has slicing as a crew skill, and then switch to my main, it messes up the crew skill display of the main. Slicing is then listed as fourth crew skill for my main, and slicing nodes are shown on the mini-map, making finding the bioanalysis nodes harder. But of course the main can't actually use that slicing skill, it is just a display bug. Another bug is that failing a diplomacy mission gives you fractions of light side / dark side points, so the display of those points looks ugly. Another recurring bug I noticed is that on Tatooine certain structures "leak" beams or planes of greenish light.

As you can see, at least me personally I don't have any really significant bugs. There are a lot of small display bugs I'd love to see fixed, but nothing which would stop me from playing the game. But then it appears that different people encounter different bugs, and some bugs are slightly more serious, like messing up your chat. The bug which made you untargetable if you use certain dance emotes is said to have been fixed.

What are your experiences with bugs in SWTOR? Do you still have any bugs you would consider serious?

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