Friday, May 25, 2007

Anonymous commenting stays in

Thanks for all the helpful discussion. Several people remarked that they couldn't or wouldn't want to log in to comment, for privacy reasons. Others correctly pointed out that the need to be registered doesn't help fighting trolls on many message boards. So I decided to leave anonymous posting in.

But please be advised that your opinion will be more valued by me and others if you put at least a nickname in. Just select the "others" option under "Choose an identity" and type some nickname in the name field. The web page field is optional.

And please keep the tone polite. It is totally okay for you to disagree with me on lets say the importance of the last WoW patch, or hardcore vs. casual issue. But just don't call me or other commenters fanbois, idiots, or similar stuff. I'll be tougher deleting that sort of posts in the future. Argue with your opinion against other's opinions, not with name-calling against other's person.

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