Saturday, May 5, 2007

Put a Tauren on your credit card

Adding to the long list of things that the world doesn't need, Blizzard is now offering a WoW Visa card. Besides the usual evil trick of "introductory" 0% APR, which then turns into a 14% APR, 24% cash advance, 32% penalty rate, the card offers a host of other hidden fees. "No annual fee", but a $1.75 "finance charge" every month. Et cetera, et cetera. Same sort of customer gouging offer that every American bank swamps its clients with. Not available in Europe, because these terms would be considered predatory lending over here.

But hey, you get %1 of your purchases as WoW gametime, so you "just" need to spend $18,000 a year with this credit card to play WoW for free. And you'll need to learn to live with the strange stares when you hand the waiter a card with an axe-wielding cow or rotting undead on it.

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