Thursday, May 24, 2007

World of Warcraft Patch 2.1.

Yesterday was patch day for World of Warcraft in Europe, the US got the patch a day before that. WoW patch 2.1.0 is one of those big content patches, adding a new raid dungeon, a couple of new level 70 solo and small group content areas, and a very long list of adjustments to various character classes and professions. I downloaded and installed the patch, read the patch notes, and then failed to get interested enough to even try playing.

Adding content is good, but I doubt I'll ever see the Black Temple from the inside. What Blizzard *should* have added to the game is the equivalent of Zul'Gurub, but what they *did* add is the equivalent of Naxxramas. And the majority of players have never even visited Naxxramas yet, half a year and 10 level later. It is safe to assume that most players will never see the Black Temple either. What a waste of resources!

The long list of modifications to many different talents, abilities, and items is in most cases not changing the game much. Sure, if you play class X and find that your favorite ability has been nerfed by 5% you are probably going to be upset. But in the greater scheme of things these changes will be forgotten and taken for granted very soon.

The only game-changing part of the raid I've identified is Blizzard's attempt to make raiding more popular, by making it both cheaper in consumables (alchemy changes) and by improving the stats of the epic loot found there. This is a direct result from the fact that the Burning Crusade made raiding less popular, instead of making it more accessible as initially hoped for. Whether the patch 2.1 changes improve this situation much remains to be seen.

So, how did you like the patch? What changes did stand out for you, and will change the way you play the game the most?

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