Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BioShock Demo

I'm back home, and downloading the demo of BioShock from Fileplanet. I don't think I'll play it a lot. I don't like first-person shooters, so I don't play them, so I suck at them, which further fuels my dislike of them. One of my readers once commented that one of the main problems with first-person shooters is that they start hard and get easier later (when you have more weapons to choose from) instead of the other way round. So if I won't like it, why do I download these 1.8 GB?

Well, one thing is that I'd like to have a look at the graphics. Kind of a test of my PC, whether my machine can display this game in pretty mode. And at the same time I want to have a look whether the atmosphere in BioShock is really a great as the hype says. I did like the style I saw in screenshots in gaming magazines, but I'm not sure how well that survives in the game. Do you really *see* all this nice stuff when playing, or are you too busy killing things and are blinded by special effects?

And finally somewhere deep inside of me I wish I would be able to play this kind of game. I want to try whether I get anywhere in the demo on the easiest setting, or whether the first enemy butchers me with a toothpick. I have a theory that new games are often created for the fans of the genre. So I fear that while BioShock is perfectly easy to play for somebody who played all the other first-person shooters, it might be way too hard for a newbie. Especially a middle-aged one who doesn't have a kid's reflexes any more.

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