Monday, August 6, 2007

Spammed by gold sellers

From time to time I get spam e-mails like this one:
Dear Sir.
This above company from mali is willing to do business with any interested gold buyer around the global to do long term business with mutual any interested person should mail to us with the full co-opeartion. The below is our full co-operation offer.......
The management of Kenoli Investment And mining co,ltd in bamako under penalty of perjury and with full corperate responsibilty has with the fellowing alluvial Gold for sale.
PRODUCT : Alluvial Gold Dust
QUALITY : 22.5 of carat (92.6)
PRICE :$10,000 PER KG
DOCUMENTATION : All document for export will be prepared by the seller . A representative of the seller will accompany the buyer to his destination.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regards,
Mr mohammed toure
Contact Information
Contact Name: Mr mohammed Title/Position: CEO
With the gold price on the legitimate market being above $20,000 per kg, offers like this must be scams or illegit. I always wondered why spam mails are in such horrible English, who would believe somebody selling gold for $2 million speaks like that?

But the interesting thing is that the spammer thought I might be interested in buying gold dust. I don't think this is the kind of spam everyone gets, or is it? So I'm wondering whether having a blog on which virtual gold buying is regularly discussed got me on some list of potential buyers of real gold. Kind of funny to meet this other sort of gold seller spammers.

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