Friday, August 24, 2007

Hellgate London Euro Pricing

I admit that I'm not waiting with held breath for the November 2nd release of Hellgate London. The post-apocalyptic demons in the London underground scenario just fails to excite me, and it's not really a MMORPG. But for a Diablo type game it will probably be nice enough, and if the hype is to be believed, it will sell well.

But what *is* interesting to me is the pricing, details of which you can find in this press release. After paying for the box, you can play Hellgate London for free, even online. But that only gives you a "standard" access. If you want more features, namely added content, new game modes (including Hardcore, Role-Play and PvP mode), additional character and stash slots, the ability to found guilds, and access to guild and player housing, you need to pay 10 Euros per month. Sounds nearly Korean to me, this business model. Will be interesting to see how that works out. I just hope there will be a free-to-try demo somewhere, I'm still a bit reluctant to buy this particular game.

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