Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blizzard documents in the MDY case

I'm awfully sorry that these documents can only be found on the Glider website, but here are the legal documents asking for summary judgement filed by Blizzard themselves: version 1 and version 2 and exhibit 1. Most of Blizzard's statement seems quite clear to me, describing the damage that Glider bots cause the game. The strange part is the one about copyright infringement, where Blizzard says that Glider creates a copy of WoW in the computer's RAM, and that it is this copying which is the copyright infringement. That confuses me a bit, because every time I play WoW I create a copy of it in my computer's RAM and I wasn't aware that this could be a copyright infringement. Without loading WoW into your RAM, WoW is just another shiny coaster.

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