Sunday, March 30, 2008

Philips DVDR3597H region free

I bought a new Philips TV recorder this weekend, with a 250 GB hard drive and a DVD+R drive to make permanent copies of whatever you recorded and want to keep. Its a Philips DVDR3597H/31 to be exact, the big brother of the DVDR3595H. Installing it was easy, upgrading the firmware to version 1.61 from the Philips support website somewhat more difficult. And then in spite of what the vendor had told me, even with the firmware upgrade the DVD drive wouldn't play my region 1 DVDs I bought in the USA. So I searched the internet for a region free hack, which would make my machine multi region capable. And I found one that works:

1) Turn the DVDR3597H on, with no DVD in the drive
2) press HOME, so the browser appears
3) press PLAY. The display on the machine should say "BROWSER"
4) Slowly enter the following code: 159121212005255 (the numbers should appear on the display)
5) press PLAY. Done!

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