Sunday, May 18, 2008

AoC crash problem solved

I hope, at least. On my first day of AoC early access, my PC froze up in random intervals about once per hour. But as that couldn't be reproduced, it was hard to get to the bottom of the problem. But then I reached level 17 and got a new combo, the first that needed two attacks to activate: Pillar of Infernal Flame. And now the freezing up became reproducible: every time I did that move my PC crashed. So I concluded that it was not some memory leak as I had thought, but some graphics problem. I verified all AoC files, but the verification routine didn't find any errors. So then I thought it might be a problem with the graphics driver. I had downloaded the NVidia driver 169.21 three weeks ago for the open beta, where Funcom had expressively recommended getting that version, which was the newest at that time. But since then a new driver had come out, so I downloaded and installed version 175.12. And since then I can cast Pillar of Infernal Flame without my PC crashing. Haven't played long enough since to see whether the PC still hangs once per hour, but the immediate freeze problem seems to be solved.

[EDIT] False alarm, the game STILL crashes sometimes when I cast Pillar of Infernal Flame. Just not all the time. :(

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