Friday, May 16, 2008

DVD subtitles

I was blown away today by the excellent customer service of I buy a lot of DVDs from them, and on their website it isn't always obvious whether the DVDs have subtitles or not. I already had several cases where no subtitles were mentioned on the product page, but once I received the DVD they fortunately had subtitles. English is not my native language, and especially when heavy accents are used I much prefer having English subtitles on my DVDs. So I wrote to Amazon with my concern, and received an answer less than 2 hours later. Not only did they promise to forward my request for more consistent information to the relevant person, but they also provided me with a link to, a site which calls itself the "ultimate online resource for subtitle users". This is going to make buying DVDs over the internet so much easier! It is hard to believe if you are an online gamer, but there ARE companies with great customer service on the internet. :)

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