Saturday, May 3, 2008

Deathknight is coming, Warrior for sale

I had a chat with a WoW player who told me he just sold his World of Warcraft warrior, a character with epic equipment and 262 days of /played time, for $475. And the reason he gave was that when Wrath of the Lich King comes out, he will be playing a deathknight. He said "Among my friends, I have always been the marquee warrior, the standard, 262 days played in 3 years, main tank, guildmaster, class officer, raided everything, hardcore pvper, hardcore pver and I just sold my warrior at the top of his game because I plan on playing a Death Knight". To which I replied that he got less than $2 per day played. Talk about minimum wages. And suggested that he might regret it if it turns out that warriors are still the only viable raid main tanks. But he said that he was burned out and "I've always played a warrior, my identity WAS my warrior, and it kind of frightens me to realize that because of Death Knights, for the first time money was worth more than the character at his peak." Which by the way is an excellent description of all character sales, for the seller the money is worth more than the character, and for the buyer it's the reverse.

I never sold any of my characters, and I don't plan to sell my WoW warrior. But there is definitely a feeling that deathknights are going to make my warrior obsolete, and I'm going to retire my warrior, or just keep him as sort of bank toon with alchemy skill. As mentioned above, I believe that warriors will still be an excellent choice as main tank in raiding. But I can't help but get the impression that this will be their only role left to play in this game. Protection warriors already are a sad joke in PvP and solo PvE. But as deathknights will deal more damage than even dps spec warriors, there is no good reason to play a warrior instead of a deathknight in these modes of gameplay. And in 5-man groups there is a definitive danger that every group forming will already have between 1 and 3 deathknights in it, and doesn't want to invite a warrior. If the deathknight is even half decent for tanking, as he is supposed to be, people will just use deathknight tanks. Because adding a warrior just adds one more guy rolling for the same plate loot and weapons. Warriors are already problematic, having less possible ways to play than lets say a mage, so reducing the possibilities further by introducing deathknights is going to push many warriors over the edge. I can understand why somebody would want to sell his warrior.

If you have a warrior, what are your plans for him after the expansion comes out? Do you have a job as raid tank now which you can hold onto? Will you just ignore the deathknights and solo your warrior? Do you believe you can still get into 5-man groups? How is your warrior going to play in Wrath of the Lich King?

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