Tuesday, February 3, 2009


If I observe my own gaming habits, I must say that I tend to alternate between two distinct phases: One phase where I'm highly attached to a single game and play it nearly exclusively, and another phase, in which nothing really excites me and I drift from one game to the next. Obviously the first phase is more fun for me, but for the blog that phase has a drawback: I write about what I play, and if I play only one game for several months, there will be mostly posts about that one game for months. Right now that game is World of Warcraft, so my apologies for swamping you with WoW posts, and not writing much about other games.

On the internet, several months is a long time, and people start believing that I'm writing a World of Warcraft blog. I do not. I fully expect to become bored of World of Warcraft long before the third expansion will be released. I tend to blame Blizzard for that, but objectively speaking the problem is simply my speed of consuming content being higher than Blizzard's speed of creating it. I might wish Blizzard would release an expansion every year (and so, incidentally, does Blizzard, or at least their financial managers), but apparently that isn't possible.

So in an unknown number of months, I'll be back into a drifting phase, looking at various games. I might check out how Warhammer Online developed with their "added" (that is cut and then put back in) 4 new character classes and the Land of the Dead. I might have a look at free-to-play games like Atlantica Online or Runes of Magic. I might check out Chronicles of Spellborn or even Darkfall, although it's not likely that I'll stick to those games. Or I might try out any other MMO released in 2009. At some point I'll stop drifting again because I found a game that holds my attention for a longer timespan. And chances are that somewhere in 2010 the third WoW expansion comes out, and knowing myself I'll get hooked on that one again.

As you can read in any funds prospectus, past performance is no guarantee of future results. The same is true for this blog. I am under no obligation to either cover the same game for years, nor am I obliged to review every game. The deal is that I play what I want, I write what I think about it, and I offer you those thoughts for free. It's the "free" part which makes this a good deal for you. :) I am aware that my "phase changes" result in a change of the content of this blog, and I apologize for that. But that isn't going to change. You can just drift in and out of my blog depending on whether I cover a game that interests you, just like I drift in and out of games.

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