Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kel’Thuzad healing addon?

I'm 44. While I still get through life fine without Viagra and a Zimmer frame, thank you very much, my reaction times in video games are below average. That usually doesn't cause much of a problem in World of Warcraft, which is not a very twitchy game. But last time we were at Kel’Thuzad me and the other healers had problems dealing with his frost tomb ability. This ability deals 104% of the victims health in damage to him over 4 seconds. Which means the moment somebody is trapped in a frost tomb, a healer has to interrupt whatever other healing spell he was currently casting, target the frost tomb victim, and get a fast healing spell on him. Not easy, especially if you include problems like global spell cooldown and some lag.

So I was wondering whether I could improve my performance if I had an addon where I could with a single click target somebody and at the same time cast lets say Renew on him. A bit like Decurse, which lets me with a single click target somebody and cast Dispel Magic on him. Anyone know whether such an addon exists? Is there a "Defrost" addon working like Decurse? Or are there general healing addons (I'm not using any yet) which would have that functionality? What healing addons are you using, and what exactly do they do? Up to now I got along fine just targeting people by clicking on their raid frame and casting spells with the keyboard shortcuts. But for Kel’Thuzad I need something faster.

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