Thursday, February 5, 2009


In EVE Online the big news of the week is that the Goons destroyed their main rivals, Band of Brothers (Bob), by persuading one of the enemies directors (co guild master) to dissolve Bob and hand over most of their assets to the Goonswarm. It is hard to explain to players of other games how big of a griefing that is. It's not only as if your guild master left with the whole content of your guild bank, dissolved your guild, and joined a rival guild; it is as if in the process he would be able to steal half of the epics you ever gained by raiding with the guild. Stories like these are pretty much why a game like World of Warcraft doesn't have "bind to guild" epics.

Now some people will find this way cool, big drama is one of the features of EVE. But somehow I doubt that the thousands of players who got robbed by a turncoat will feel the same way. Griefing is only funny if it happens to other people, and many people react to being griefed by simply quitting the game (which is for example why I quit EVE, I got podded in the early era of EVE, before they introduced insurance and cloning). In a game like WoW / LotRO / WAR / AoC your power as a player only ever goes up. In a game like EVE or Darkfall, your power can go up or down, which is not to everyone's liking.

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