Monday, December 6, 2010

Epic Fighters

Oh it has been so long time since I've made last post here, but is really not my fault, there just weren't any games on facebook I would have liked so much to add it here. Well I have found one game I really like and play it every day and it is Epic Fighters. It is game I really missed on facebook. Well, not just this game, but this kind of game. In almost every game on facebook you can cooperate with your friends in some way, but there are only few games where you can also fight with your friends and that is I think much better fun. Epic Fighters is one of these games and I think one of the best. This game is from Digital Chocolate, company that created one very similar game and that is MMA Pro Fighter that is maybe even better, if you don't like fantasy, that you will probably like it more than Epic Fighters.
In Epic Fighters is your task building strong warrior. There are two ways how your warrior can become stronger and generally just better fighter. When you level up by getting experience you receive attribute points you can invest to health, stamina or energy. Health and energy you use in fights and stamina you need to do quests and to fight. To level up you need experience that you can get generally in three ways. You can fight in duels, you can do quests and you can fight against epic monsters. Well, here comes to funny part of this game. When you are fighting or doing quests you also receive money you can invest to learn new techniques. This is probably the most important part of the game, because it is necessary it invest your money wise. You can also buy some new equipment with your money and there are few other features in this game that are not so important. I really like the fights in this game, but the campaign in this game is absolutely linear so you cannot do anything to affect the story of the game and that is really shame.
Rating 8/10

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