Monday, December 20, 2010

Simply Hospital

Hello, this time I have for you game that will probably like everyone who remember one of the best games from the 90' Theme Hospital. I don't know how old readers I have so if you don't remember that game, here is some info. Your task is to take care of your hospital and of course especially of your patients. Similar to Theme Hospital in Simply Hospital patient are coming to your hospital and your task is to diagnose patients with funny diseases and of course then to treat with even more funny way. So when in your hospital comes snowman your treatment for this disease is steam therapy. I've been really big fan of Theme Hospital so I'm happy that there is such similar game on facebook. Unfortunately it has the same problem as almost all facebook games. You have to for everything such a long time and that is concept that i s getting really boring if you see it for hundred times. Even with this big con it is good game and I'm sure that everyone out there who always wanted to manage their own hospital will love this game.
Rating: 8/10

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