Saturday, December 18, 2010

Legacy of a Thousand Suns

This time I can start with one thing. If you like sci-fi, then just stop reading now and go play Legacy of a Thousand Suns. No, I will be happy if you will read this article to the end. It is about two weeks since I've started to play Legacy of a Thousand Suns and I instantly knew, that it is one of the best facebook games ever. I really wanted to write review instantly and give the game 10/10, but that would not be wise. It is really better to give the game some time and see.
So what this game is about? Well I would say that this game is very similar to Mafia Wars, except it is sci-fi and also is on much higher level. When you start the game the first thing what is really apparent is that the game has beautiful graphics. Whole interface looks really cool and sci-fi, pictures are beautiful, everything rally looking fantastic.
There are 10 important menus in the game, but the first you probably open is profile. Unlike Mafia wars and few other similar games, in this game you can really see how do you look like, what clothes you wear, what weapons you use etc.. everything looks really great and after few days of playing you will start to look like real badass space guy or girl with lot of deadly gear.
Another menu is ship, in this menu you can see what ship(s) you have and what is the crew of the ship. Ships you use on raids, we will talk about them later.
The next window is lab, this is similar to collection vault in Mafia Wars. When you play the game you collect some stuff and here you can turn it into some cool weapons and so or you can get some points for you character, like +2 to health, stamina and so.
Another window is facilities, the is the same as properties in Mafia Wars, except in this game you don't get money from properties but stuff or crew members.
Window right after facilites is shop, here you can of course byu or sell various stuff, from weapons, ships, battle gear... to almost anything.
Next window of the game is missions. This is very similar to jobs in Mafia Wars, or quests in in epic Fighters. But there is something different in this game. This game has real story. Every mission you do is part of one big space story. This makes this game really different from the others. The other games also has some elements of story, but no game has such story that is really very important part of the game.
The window next to missions is alliance. Before you join any alliance you will see here list of alliances, after you join alliance you will se here really good looking window in style of the bridge of space ship with many control panels and screens. Here you can join alliance raids and check out alliance stats.
Yes, the next window is raids. In raids you are fighting agains bosses. You can go to the raid alone and then you use stamina. You can also join raid of your alliance and then you use honor. you can of course be on raid alone and also be part of alliance raid in the same time.
The last window is called pvp and here you can fight 1 on 1 with other players and win their money and of course experience.
This game is really something and right now it belongs among my best facebook games and probably will some time. I'm not going to give this game 10/10, because even it is great game, it is still the same as others. Go on mission, go on raids, wait for points to load, buy facilities, wait until production is complete. It is still the same scheme as many other facebook games, except this time it is sci-fi, has some new cool features and it looks simply amazing, but that is all. This is not revolution of facebook games, it is evolution.
Rating 9/10

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